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I love specialty shops. You know the kind of place. Small, independent places that you find tucked away down some back street. Usually run by a slightly mad middle-aged woman who has turned her life-long passion for crocheted bunny rabbits into a “business”. Of course, I’d never actually buy anything from one of these places, but it’s good to know they exist so that other slightly mad middle-aged women have somewhere to go to satisfy their own woolen leporine fetishes.

So imagine a specialty shop dedicated to chocolate. Sounds good, but not particularly specialist, right? Well imagine it was dedicated to one particular chocolate manufacturer? Still not specialist enough for you?

Well how about this; We Love Yorkies is a shop that only sells Yorkies. But that just wasn’t specialist enough for them, so they only sell Raisin & Biscuit Yorkies. Nothing else.

And the really shocking thing is, they sell them to girls. That’s just outrageous!

Luckily, they were kind enough to send us some samples of their range… er.. Raisin & Biscuit Yorkies, which somehow we have neglected to review thus far.

Now I’ve never been a particular fan of Yorkies. I think that’s partly down to the slightly bizarre marketing campaigns they’ve had…

So, not having had a Yorkie in many years, and never having had a Raisin & Biscuit variety, this was something of a novelty for me. And I’m slightly shocked to say I really enjoyed this. If Milky Way is the sweet you can eat between meals without ruining your appetite, then Yorkie Raisin & Biscuit is the meal itself.

The 61g bar contains five big chunks of above average milk chocolate, with just the right amount of small pieces of biscuit to give it a bit of crunch and just enough raisins to give it a slight chewy texture and a bit of a fruity tang. But make no mistake, this is still mainly thick milk chocolate.

It’s thick and tasty with a bit of crunchy chewiness thrown in for good measure.

Quite obviously, the chocolate isn’t on a par with the likes of Lindt or Hotel Chocolat, but it doesn’t need to be. You don’t eat Lindt because you’re hungry or need a quick chocolate fix, and you don’t eat Yorkie in order to indulge your senses.

I’m quite certain I’ll be looking out for one of these next time I’m out and in need of something filling. Definitely worth a try – even if you’re a girl…

(Oh, and if you can’t find them locally, do give We Love Yorkies a try. They seem nice. A bit mad, but nice.)


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  1. No Dom come on this has to be a joke!!

    Im officially the biggest sucker ever so im actually believing you about the existance of this shop…im speechless!! Pictures please


  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    James: It’s just an online shop, but it’s real.

  3. …I’m so amused by the idea that yorkies ‘are NOT for girls’ but they’re ‘raisin and biscuit’ – sounds pretty girlie to me!

  4. Simon

    I was still living in the sweet shop when Yorkie launched Raisin & Biscuit. I didn’t realise they’d been around almost thirty years. That’s pretty good going.

  5. I love the biscuit and raisin varient because if like me you’re allergic to nuts you can’t try to the Fruit & Nut chocolates so this gives us nut haters a chance to try that same sort of consistency.

    But it’s true, you can’t find them much these days. You used to be able to though.

  6. Simon

    Hang on – you’ve NEVER had a R&B Yorkie, and you run a Chocolate site?

    How weird is THAT?

  7. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Simon: I don’t drive a truck. I didn’t think I was allowed Yorkie.

  8. morag reoch

    I love the biscuit and raisin.

  9. Adrian

    Am I the only person to remember the NINE chunk Yorkie, advertised with the slogan “Big enough to satisfy the Driver AND his mate!” displayed with a young drivers mate holding the yorkie bar at a jaunty angle!!! And both smiling at one another!!!

    I think it lasted on the bill boards for about one week….

  10. i tried this and loved it i couldnt really taste the raisins but the biscuit was lovely and as usual the rich yorkie chocolate was very tasteful

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