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Chocablog is a blog dedicated to the world of chocolate. For over eight years, we’ve been regularly publishing chocolate reviews, delicious chocolate recipes, and in-depth features and reports from all over the world.

Started in March 2006 by Dom Ramsey with help from an international team of writers, our mission is to spread the word about quality chocolate and the amazing chocolatiers, chocolate makers and cacao farmers who help create it.

Today, with over 30,000 followers & subscribers, Chocablog is consistently ranked amongst the UK’s Top 10 food blogs.

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The Chocablog Team

We are a small but perfectly formed team of chocaholics. Click on a team member to view their full profile:

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Review Policy

The products you see reviewed on Chocablog are a mixture of chocolate we’ve purchased ourselves and review samples sent to us by chocolate companies and their public relations representatives.

No matter what the source, we always endeavour to publish completely unbiased reviews and never accept payment for any review. If we don’t like something, we’ll say so, whether we’ve spent our own money on it or not.

If you represent a chocolate company and you’d like to send samples of your products for review, you’re more than welcome to do so – just use this form to get in touch – but please be aware of the following before sending samples.

  • Sending samples does not guarantee review. We’ll do our best, but we can’t guarantee that your product will be suitable for Chocablog, or that we will have time to write about it.
  • We do everything possible to make our reviews as fair and honest as possible. This means that if we don’t like your product, we’ll say so.
  • We care about quality ingredients and traceability, so expect that we’ll ask about how and where you source your ingredients and who supplies your chocolate. If you are unable to provide this information, this may count against you in a review.
  • We do not, under any circumstances, accept payments for reviews.

If you don’t think our review was accurate, we always encourage feedback and discussion. Just leave a comment on the review with your own opinion. In the interests of openness though, please do disclose if you represent the company in question. Failure to do so may result in us disclosing it for you.

Link Policy

All links on this site are editorially given. Reviews do not guarantee links, and requests for links with reviews will be refused. Requests to buy or exchange links will be refused and reported to Google.

Affiliate Links

On occasion, where appropriate, we make use of ‘affiliate’ links on this site. These are usually links to online stores that stock a particular type of chocolate, and Chocablog receives a small payment if a visitor makes a purchase as a result of clicking that link.

Affiliate links provide a small amount of revenue that helps to cover our the running costs of the site. Where we do use these links, we try to do so outside the context of the main review, and always mark them as affiliate links.

Advertising on Chocablog

If you’d like to advertise on Chocablog, our advertising page has all the details. We have standard sized banner ad spots available as well as options for custom ad campaigns.

Use of Chocablog Content

Creative Commons Licence Unless otherwise stated, the photos that accompany our reviews, recipes and features are released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike license, meaning you are free to download, modify and republish them for non-commercial use, providing you credit Chocablog as the source. Click here for full details of the license.

All other content on this site remains copyright and may not be reproduced or republished for any means without permission. Contact us before publishing if you’re not sure.

Chocolate Consultancy

The Chocablog team have been writing about, tasting, judging and analysing chocolate for over eight years, and have become respected chocolate experts around the world. Editor Dom Ramsey is a regular judge at the International Chocolate Awards and Academy of Chocolate Awards and a board member of the Guild Of Fine Chocolate. With our wealth of experience and network of contacts, we are able to provide consultancy services to chocolate businesses large and small.

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Press & Interviews

The Chocablog team are also focus groups and press interviews. If you need a chocolate expert give an interview or opinion on a chocolate news story or are looking to source a chocolate related feature for your publication, get in touch using the links below.

Getting In Touch

If you’d like to contact us for any reason, please use this contact form or drop us an email at info@chocablog.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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