Matcha Chocolat Christmas Selection

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It’s been a while since I reviewed anything from one of my favourite chocolatiers, Matcha Chocolat’s Katie Christoffers, so I jumped at the chance when she offered to send a box of her Christmas selection to sample.

The Christmassy feel in this particular assortment comes purely from the flavour. As you can see, there’s no Santas reindeer or glitter on the packaging and no novelty shapes. Just sleek packaging and gorgeous looking chocolates.

The selection takes some of Matcha’s best selling core ganache flavours (Santo Domingo, Vietnamese Cinnamon, Fresh Mint) and adds four seasonal flavours into the mix; Mulled Wine & Yuzu, Spiced Fig, Gingerbread Coffee Caramel and Winter Apple Caramel.

Santo Domingo

A pure ganache made with single origin Dominican Republic chocolate. This simple, beautifully smooth ganache is both intense and light. You’d have to go a long way to find an unflavoured ganache as delicious as this.

Vietnamese Cinnamon

Another ultra smooth ganache, but this one gives you an instant hit of warming cinnamon. Wonderfully balanced flavours, and a great choice for a Christmas selection.

Fresh Mint

I’m not a big fan of mint in chocolate as it usually tastes artificial. In this case though, it’s fresh, natural and delicious. Again, the flavour is well balanced and never overwhelms the chocolate.

Mulled Wine & Yuzu

Mulled wine and yuzu! In a chocolate! I adore this one, but you really need to try it for yourself.

Spiced Fig

Another perfectly balanced ganache, with a warming fruity and spicy flavour that builds as the chocolate melts.

Winter Apple Caramel

This one is perhaps a little sweet for my tastes and the apple didn’t come through very much, but is still delicious.

Gingerbread Coffee Caramel

This is an interesting one! A gooey caramel with a unique flavour. First you get the coffee flavour, then the warm ginger notes build. A perfect choice for winter.

So there you have it. Another immaculate collection of utterly delicious chocolates from Matcha Chocolat.

I’ve said before that I think Katie Christoffers is one of the best chocolatiers in the country, and this collection only reinforces that opinion. Her mastery of flavours is easily up there with the big names.

I can’t recommend these chocolates highly enough. They are as good as anything I’ve had all year and would make the perfect Christmas gift for someone you really care about. Go and buy them now.


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