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Conscious Chocolate Best Ever Hint of Mint

Conscious Chocolate

The ninth to be sampled in the Conscious Chocolate range and one I find myself liking rather a lot.

Using organic peppermint essence in the dark chocolate base gives this bar a refreshing ‘blast of clean air’ type mint kick. More of a hit than a hint, if you ask me, but something that I definitely found myself wanting more of. The mint flavour comes flooding out as soon as you take a bite of this bar, and it lingers on the palate for a good while after the chocolate has gone, giving you a lovely clean, fresh finish. Certainly one of my favourites in the range, and well worth a try – after all, just how many good quality mint choc bars are there out there?

The final bar in the range is;

Best Ever Spiced Up and Fruity

Conscious Chocolate

This bar contains sultanas, apricots, Himalayan salt and tangerine essential oil.

Having tasted the Fiery Hazelnut and Chilli Hot bars, I was expecting something tongue-tingling for the finale, but instead I was very pleasantly surprised by the citrus and salt flavours. This is another of the bars that has ‘bits’ – in this case pieces of sultana and apricot – but it’s the addition of the tangerine oil and salt that give it an intriguing and slightly exotic flavour. When I allowed the chocolate to melt in my mouth, it was these two tastes that came to the fore, leaving me with a mouthful of lovely, fruity bits to chew on afterwards. The apricots taste fantastic, by the way.

So there you have it, folks. This Chocablogger is proud and delighted to have been given the opportunity to sample a unique range of products produced with love and care by an English chocolatier. If I were to choose my top three of the ten I would have to recommend the Goji Berry and Coconut, the Citrus Zest, and the Spiced Up & Fruity, but to be honest, they’re all worth sampling.

I’d like to thank Emma Jackman for her generosity, and I hope some of you decide to support her by trying these bars for yourselves.

Check out Emma’s web site –


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  1. Just went on the website, I never knew they were Vegan!
    I’m going to have to seek them out next time I’m in Camden.

  2. chiara

    these look great i wish they were available in australia i would by heaps

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