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There are certain chocolates I loved when I was a kid that I still love now, but feel slightly awkward buying — simply because I’m not 10 any more.

Luckily, now I have an excuse. I’m a chocolate reviewer! I have to buy them! It’s the law!

Amongst my childhood favourites were Milky Way, Curly Wurly and these – Revels. I’m not entirely sure why I like them. I think it’s because you never quite know what you’re going to get in a packet of Revels.

For those of you that have never had them, Revels are a small bag of assorted milk chocolates with different centres. You get a random mix of orange cream, coffee cream, caramel, chocolate raisins, chocolate buttons and Maltesers.
But the catch is that it’s very difficult to tell exactly what you’re eating until you bite into it.

As a kid, one of my favourite games was to make a friend who couldn’t stand coffee eat Revels. A one-in-six chance of making a friend horribly ill is an incredibly satisfying game for a ten year old. And a thirty six year old, come to that.

The current UK TV ads for Revels play on this, featuring two guys engaged in a rather surreal game of Revels Russian Roulette. It’s exactly how I remember it.

Personally though, I like them all. My only complaint is that there aren’t enough orange ones. I want more orange Revels! Do you hear me!?


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  1. CJ

    I remember loving a snack like that when I lived in England…in the early ’90s, did Revels have raisins/caramel/cookies in them or am I thinking of something else?

  2. OK now, I want these. And there’s absolutely no way I’m going to get them. I’m betting WaWa doesn’t sell them.


  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    This place seems to sell them (not used them myself)

  4. Nicola

    So I went to this shop here that sells British stuff and got me a bag of Revels, the BIG bag, cos thats all they had. I was rather excited after reading all about them here, and paid a LOT more than I normally would for chocolate. I was especially looking forward to the coffee and orange ones, and the caramel ones. However I was pretty disappointed overall. The fillings were totally average, the raisin ones are waste of time (plus they all fall to the bottom, so you have to eat them last, ew). The only ones I liked were chocolate buttons and maltesers, which you can get here in NZ anyways!! Nevermind, this shop had HEAPS of goodies, so I’ll try some other stuff, in consultation with Chocablog of course! Those Lion bars look like they’ll be next on the list, kinda like a picnic, but not quite… interesting!

  5. Peamix

    Ewwwww! I used to love Revels and buy them buy the packet load, the bigger the better. But now what have they done? Put raisins in them. Awful awful awful! How could they. I hate raisins and they make the bag smell, and all the other chocolate smells and tastes of raisins too. YUK. I love all the others, even the coffee ones but now I can’t bear to eat them at all. Its a terrible thing.

  6. Lisa

    I was only saying today how wonderful it is that raisins have been added to revels.. I guess you cant please everyone!
    p.s-great to have a giant bag in the cinema..yum yum

  7. Jon

    Revels Roulette is a familiar game for me – I’m allergic (though not severely) to the orange ones. While it’s pretty easy to tell Revels apart, the two that look and feel exactly the same are orange and my favourite, coffee. Still love ’em though.

    Interesting Peamix that you smell the raisins. Maybe your nose naturally picks out what you are most averse to – to me the bag stinks of citrus.

  8. Gareth Annoyed Warlow

    Hello there i thought i would write this as i have eatten revels for many years and by looking at the size of me i should have shares in revels, my question to you is simple why on earth did you change the peanut with a misserable raisin , you have destroyed my faith not only in this product but the whole blooming industry. please ensure me that this tragic mistake will be rectified.

    Gareth Annoyed Warlow

  9. emz!

    hey! i think they should make a revel bar like the smartie one 6 segments each with one of the flavours! or a quality street bar! each piece could have each different flavour warapped in the luscious chocci!:):) haha!

  10. i like revels, they make me spunk in my trousers sometimes, because they are sooooooooooooo good. yummy

  11. ellie

    I can’t believe they’ve replaced my favourite nuts with nasty raisins. when did that happen? surely it is illegal? now I have to dodge the coffee flavour and the raisins. hmm.

  12. i think that there is way to many orange revels!… bring on the maltesersss!! was there ever an strawberry revel?.. MORE VAREITY OF THE REVEL FAMILY NEEDED.. BRING INTHE REVELSSS!/..

  13. Amanda

    More orange revels?! I get waayyy too many as it is.

    More coffee ones I say!

    Should bring out a bag of each flavour. xx

  14. Coconut ones why why why have they taken them out?

  15. chocgal:)

    i think it would be great if they did like fudge,shortcake,turkish delight,liquore,white choc or peanut butter revels or something i was just thinking of these after consuming a 175g bag phew im full dont think ill be eating any chocolate for a while!

  16. chocgal, that is actually an EXCELLENT idea, and it’s a shame that Mars are too boring to make Revels (or any of their stuff really) more interesting.

  17. chocgal:)

    well thankyou terry 🙂 mars should be more adventurous improve there products! 😛 well you never know the makers might read this blog ha!

  18. Well I’m sure the Mars Planets have bombed, so Mars will be even more cautious now. Still if you check my blog (I’m not spamming, honest!) then you’ll see I put a news article up yesterday that Mars will be releasing a new product for Christmas.

    No word on new Revels flavours though, maybe you should send them an email?

  19. chocgal:)

    Yes! i might just do that..ha!

  20. glenn goulding

    Hi can anyone tell me did Revels ever have a Turkish delight one at anytime even as a special edition.
    Because i am sure i once had a bag with them in

  21. Faye

    My boyfriend absolutley adores revels…does anyone know of somewhere I could buy/order revels merchandise?

  22. Emma

    I think that probably the reason the peanut ones were replaced is beause more people would be allergic to them. I love the raisin ones though, one of my favourites.

    It’s funny that you don’t ever have enough orange ones in yours though, cause that’s all I ever seem to get.

  23. Cleggy

    Hi there… is there any feedback on that Turkish Delight question? I’m SURE there were never Turkish Delight revels! Anyone let me know?

  24. babycakes=)

    has anybody seen what they are doing on revels packets now? if not its revel eviction..its gives you a website and people vote which revel they want to evict for a new suprise flavour for a limited period..sounds quite funny !revel big brother! which one will go…you decide!
    i wonder what the new flavour is….?

  25. babycakes=)

    and to the last question i dont think theres ever been a turkish delight revel and none of my family remember there being one and coming from a long line of revel lovers from when they were first released im quite positive 🙂 xx

  26. chocolate lover

    I love Revels too. Although i wouldn’t miss the Coffee ones. As long as they don’t replace them with licorice or Raspberries. I don’t mind.

    Although I miss Prize bars too. I was really mean to a guy i was engaged to. I sent him into a shop to buy one even though i knew they’d stopped making them. HEE HEE.

  27. babycakes=)

    Evil.. lol nah just kiddin ya love it !gotta be done! 😛
    better not be licorice etc.. id rather fudge or turkish delight etc.. yum yum!

  28. kaygleeang

    Revels Revels Revels!! What can i say abut these chocolatey treats: They’re just wonderous, the best ever tasted, the best thing since sliced bread in my opinion (maybe there should be a bread revel… hmmmmmm… interesting thought yum yum breeeeaaaaadddd!!!) anyway… i absolutely adore them, so hard to choose one to evict as its like christmas in a bag, howeverrrr if someone held a gun to my head and forced me to choose then i suppose i would have to kick out the malteaser. I know some of you will be gasping right now as the malteaser is a crowd pleaser but i just dont think that it fits in with the chewey, soft theme of revels, it just stands out like a sore thumb. To be honest i just havent got malteaser fever, sorry homedogs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. mitchell

    chocklet revils are sooooooooooooooooooooo nice

  30. Chezzachocoholic

    The coffee has to go its minging
    How about a lime revel instead that has the same consistancy as the orange revel sounds better to me. By the way the raisin revels usually go in the bin if not eaten in error as they have the look of rabbit droppings and that looks not apertising at all so they never get eaten !!My favourite ones the orange flavour !!

  31. Simon

    So no more playing Russian Roulette with your nut-allergic friends and a bag of Revels?

  32. Chell

    I have to say that I have not had revels since they introduced raisins. I cannot even risk putting a raisin in my mouth, they are so disgusting! I am hoping raisins get evicted, and then I can have them for a treat again!

  33. emma

    hi they took the peanut out many years ago because of the problems with people who may have a problem eating peanuts, so we got raisins, now i to have to dodge the coffee and now raisin still i like to nibble the chocolate off all of them and save the orange fondent until last and as for the coffee and raisin well i throw the coffee away and let my son have the raisins

  34. Rachael

    the plain chocolate one should be evicted .. deff keep coffee its the best 😀

  35. elaine

    love coffee orange n peanuts
    hate toffee n chocolate n raisin
    they took the peanuts out cause of peoples allergies well folks if u have a peanut allergy dont eat sweets that contain nuts.
    out of all of them i say evict the raisin.

  36. Lovella

    Was there evr a coconut revel???? People have been saying there was but I have never heard of one????

  37. Carvella

    I have never heard of a coconut revel either are they nuts??

  38. Carvella

    No Carvella but there was anut one ha

  39. Carvella

    I say vote for Strawberry

  40. lovella

    I say vote for Lemon mmmmmm

  41. elaine

    to lovella…………………yes there was a coconut revel,quite a long time ago tho.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. elaine

    wat about a soft toffee filling for a new revel like in toffee cups (remember them folks )

  43. lovella

    Well I have never heard of the coconut ones, it must have been a very long time ago

  44. Carvella

    I dont know why I joined this group I dont like revels anyway, and I never heard of the cocnut ones Elaine

  45. Carvella

    but I liked the coffee ones

  46. Lovella

    and there is no raisin anymore

  47. Lovella

    Sorry did I say no Raisin? Meant no peanuts

  48. mags

    Does anyone know the new flavour yet????

  49. megs

    I loooooooovvvvvvvvee the carmel revel but I hate the raison and coffee and orange!The mang!

  50. Maggie

    I just love the surprise factor with Revels, though I’m not a fan of the chocolate ones, so I’d bite into the spheric ones gently first to check what’s inside.If it’s orange, it’s out. My favourite ones are the flat ones. I always leave them for later.

  51. marie

    i’m confused i had a pack of revels and could figure out what the new flavour was it was soft but not orange, i thought it was vanilla or fudge. but as a friend was eating her packet she had a strange taste and said it the new one was fudge. then to her shock she bit in to another soft one and it was STRAWBERRY whats going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. chocaholic1997

    Could any one tell me all six flavors of revels

  53. Dark chocolate is produced by adding fat and sugar to cacao. It is chocolate without milk as an additive. It is sometimes called “plain chocolate”. The U.S.

    Government has no definition for dark chocolate, only “sweet chocolate”, which requires a 15% concentration of chocolate liquor. Sweet chocolate is not

    necessarily dark chocolate as there is no restriction of milk in it. European rules specify a minimum of 35% cocoa solids

  54. kathy

    Waaagh! I want one! 🙁

  55. We had a packet today and i remember you could get a full bag of the counter shaped choc ones.We can’t remenber what they were called it was in the 1970’s.Does anyone know ? We thought they might have been called Chocolate counters? can anyone help???

  56. Cheryl

    I’ve always thought of the flat chocolates as Minstrels without the crisp shell around the outside. I checked the wikipedia site and that is exactly what they are but it says they were called galaxy counters (which I had never heard of).

  57. Yeah Cheryl you’re right. Everyone on here keeps saying there’s chocolate buttons in Revels. They look like buttons, but they’re not chocolate buttons, they’re actually, here in England (for those of you who aren’t), they’re Galaxy Minstrels without the shell. Coz that’s what Minstrells used to be like, like the buttons in Revels are now, but without the shell. It was about 20yrs ago (just a guess, it was when I was in about 2nd year high school-ish!), they added the shell, and the slogan, melts in ya mouth not in your hand (that’s for Minstrels). They’re both made by the Mars Company, Revels & Minstrels, so are Maltesers that are in Revels as well. I wouldn’t be surprised that they made them years ago as a one bag mix of there chocolates that were in bags, i.e – Maltesers, Minstrels, and just added the creams and the toffee ones to have more choice in there. I mean just having maltesers and minstrels would be a bit boring wouldn’t it? And I wouldn’t be surprised if they never added the shell to the Minstrels in Revels coz it’d look odd with one chocolate in there having a shell. And Nicola above said they got Buttons in NZ, did you mean Cadbury’s Buttons coz they aren’t the same? coz they never had Minstrels in NZ 5yrs ago when I lived there. Another thing you never used to get in NZ Nicola if you see them as well, an English bar which is lush, is a Drifter! also a Topic is nice, which was virtually the same as the Hazelnut Mars they had in NZ years ago. Also a Toffee Crisp you never got in NZ as well, look out for them, mmmm.

  58. The strawberry creams they added as a mystery sweet a while back in Revels were lush as well. They should have those in there permanently.

  59. Oh and yeah, I agree, the raisin ones are not too good, they should be replaced with the strawberry cream.

  60. Don’t add liquorice, noooo way. Not sure about Turkish Delight either, they’d make the bag stink as the raisins do, but definitley a biscuit one and a fudge one would be great. A peanut butter one would be pretty nice I reckon as well, now that would be wicked assorment. And get rid of the raisins and bring back the chocolate coated peanuts. They should have maybe 2 kinds as well, one with the chocolate peanuts and one without for those who are allergic. Still the same weight/amount in each bag obviously, snd I’m with Amanda, the Coffee ones are the best.

  61. Does anyone remember the Crispy Caramel Bar in the 90’s? Terry’s who make the Chocolate Orange made it I think, around the same time as the Secret was around. Lovely. Used to be my favourite, they only lasted a year or 2 though.

  62. Ali

    I like revels and still buy them, But they messed it all up by replacing the chocolate covered peanuts with raisons.

  63. paddy

    yes i remember crispy caramels,they were lovely,but sadly did not last long,i think they came in a orange wrapper by terrys

    • Simon

      You’re the first person I’ve spoke to anywhere, here or in real life that has remembered Crispy Caramels Paddy. Why do they always stop nice things, like Nestle Lucky Charms, he! he!

  64. Simon

    Yeah think yer right Paddy, they were indeed lovely! Why do they stop producing the nicest things? like the cereal Lucky Charms, beautiful! and Golden Grahams!

  65. Emma

    Ive just had a packet of revels and i didnt find a new flavour so wots all this about a new flavour and the orange ones are the best. They should make a packet of revels with just one flavour but they could only do coffee and orange which would be great! So that would suit everyone if they just felt like they wanted one flavour.

  66. Simon

    What it was Emma, they stopped doing it now, but there was amystery sweet in Revels about a year ago. A strawberry or raspberry cream think one of them was. Lovely!

  67. Back when one of the Revels had peanuts in them – it literally was like Russian Roulette if you had an alergy to nuts!

  68. Does anybody remember Cadbury’s limited edition Orange Crisp chocolate? What annoys me is that this was limited edition when I was little but it was my favourite chocolate ever – I still can’t find anything that lived up to it! I can’t buy it anywhere, only it’s disguisting partner Mint Crisp. Can anyone help?

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