Auberge du Chocolat Signature Dairy Free Range

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I picked this little selection up from the Auberge stand at Taste of London last week. I asked the girls to pick out a selection of their favourites, and they chose to go with this “Dairy Free” selection.

I use the words “Dairy Free” in quotes, because one of the chocolates is a Goats Cream Caramel. Now it may not have come from a cow, but that still counts as dairy in my book.

That aside, a quick glance at the web sites tells me the other chocolates I have are “Cosmopolitan”, “Orange and Cointreau”, “Espresso” and “Ginger”.

As you can see, all the chocolates have the same format – a Lauden-esque square of chocolate with an edible transfer on the top. Unfortnately, the Auberge version just doesn’t quite have the refinement of Lauden. Perhaps they’ve been through the wars on their journey to the show, but they look a little battered and a couple of the transfers are wonky. Still, they’re quite pretty.

The goat’s cream caramel was quite pleasant, but was more like a fudge, with a soft wand slightly grainy texture. The other chocolates were all quite dry and of variable quality. In a few cases, the chocolate on the base was so thick that there was hardly any room for a filling. In fact, they were all quite average – something which drained any enthusiasm I had to write about them individually.

It seems as though they’ve been put together without much attention to detail, which doesn’t fill me with joy, given that I paid £1 each for them.

I think part of the problem with these chocolates was that I reviewed them straight after having tried Nicky Grant’s chocolates. Ordinarily I might be more upbeat about these, but they just don’t come close to Ms Grant’s fresh chocolates, despite being roughly the same price. It may be comparing apples and oranges, particularly as there are special considerations with dairy-free chocolates, but these just didn’t excite me.


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  1. Elaine Eaglen

    Would it be possible to let me know if the Auberge Du Chocolat 100% Madagascan is suitable for pre dialectic. I know it would be eaten in moderation but I need a chocolate fix.
    Many thanks

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