Hotel Chocolat Sparkling Stars Pralines

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Hotel Chocolat Sparkling Stars Pralines

This praline selection from Hotel Chocolat apparently has a Christmas theme to it. I’m not convinced the three snowflakes and two sprigs of holly on the box add up to the most festive theme in the world, but someone in the packaging design department clearly does. There’s no actual mention of Christmas anywhere on the box that I can see, and the festive feel is subtle – a little too subtle for my liking.

Suggestion for Angus: Next year, make all your chocolate boxes play ‘jingle bells’ when the lid is removed.

Hotel Chocolat Sparkling Stars Pralines

Inside, things are a more colourful, with each of the 15 dark and milk chocolate pralines being decorated with coloured white chocolate. There are 10 different ‘flavours’ in total, meaning some are duplicated. I’m not going to review them individually, but the flavours are “Cinnamon Praline”, “Ultra Smooth Gianduja”, “Lemon Praline”, “Cane Sugar Praline”, “Orange Praline”, “Peanut Praline”, “Cocoa Crisp Praline”, “Coffee Praline”, “Chilli Praline” and “Macadamia and Coconut Praline”.

That’s a lot of praline.

Hotel Chocolat Sparkling Stars Pralines

And that in a nutshell (pardon the pun) is the problem with these.

The chocolate is, of course, delicious. But I’ve never been a particular praline fan, and while the quality of these chocs is great, taste-wise, they’re ever so slightly boring. There’s very little variation between any of the chocolates. They’re all the same thick, slightly nutty paste with vague hints of other flavours. They’re pleasant, but nothing more.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m sharing chocolates with friends and family over the holidays, I want them to be exciting, fun and full of interesting flavours. These just don’t do it for me, unfortunately.


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  1. so you bought a box of praline chocolates, with the word praline written on the front in massive letters, but you arnt a fan of praline so you did like them. My my, thats the greatest review in the world ever. You are aware that the brand in question do 100s of different boxes of chocolates? mostly mixtures of every kind of chocolate you can get, and you specifically picked one that was just pralines made for the minority of people who only want pralines, a minority which you are not a part of… well done.

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