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I think I must have had a bad experience with Aero as a child. I have never particularly liked them, but I’m not entirely sure why. I assume I was once given one and expected the bubbles to be fizzy and I never quite got over the disappointment. So, it was with some trepidation that I decided to try Mint Aero.

Mint Aero

And I have to say, I’m still disappointed.

The mint bubbles taste a bit artificial and have a slightly strange aftertaste, and – more importantly – there’s just not enough chocolate! 1mm of chocolate does not make a satisfying chocsperience in my book…

Another minor annoyance is that despite being divided into handy chunks, the Mint Aero refuses to break along them, no matter how much I try. I find myself being showered with minty crumbles no matter how I try to eat it.

Mint Aero

Having said all that, I did eat it all. But it wasn’t a totally satisfying experience. If you want minty chocolate, I suggest After Eights, and if you want bubbles, join my one man campaign to bring back Cadbury’s Wispa!


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  1. That is not a chocolate that has come over the pond, I don’t think….I can’t imagine that I’d be excited about any bubbles in my candy that aren’t pop rocks.

    The whole thing makes me think of Calgon and bubble bath….is it meant to be like a crispy kind of thing rather than “fizzy?” Like a (US) Nestle Crunch?


    It has been twenty years since I visited England on a summer vacation with my family and I still think about these things.

    Bubbles in chocolate are fun because they make it sort of crumbly and soft – they give it an interesting texture.

  3. But also – the internets tell me that there is a Cadbury bar with bubbles in it, named something innocuous about milk chocolate. Is that similar to the Wispa?

  4. chocgal:)


  5. Does the Dairy Milk Bubbly not count as a Wispa? They’re essentially the same thing.

  6. chocgal:)

    except the wispa was less dairymilk more bubbles and it had nice flavours eg,mint caramel and orange!

  7. True that! I don’t remember much of the Wispa anyway so I’m not too bothered about it, but I hear that many people are.

  8. chocgal:)

    i dont really remember that the wispa either i just always remember waking up on christmas morning to find one of each in a selection box in my stocking 😀

  9. Ellie

    There is no replacement for wispa. not even the aero!!!!!!!!

    Did you have to remind me about the wispa?? Where can i get one from?? Hee Hee

  10. chocgal:)

    i think they are dicontinued now 🙁 i sit sobbing ha! joking!! but they should come back i insist!!

  11. Ed

    I really like the Aero, just as I love my Flake. I actually like the mildness of the chocolate versus the overly sweet American chocolate.

    Every time I go to Ireland, I always buy a case of Flake to bring home. Nothing quite like a 99 back in the Ole Country. now that I’ve tried Aero, I think I will need to ask some relatively to bring some back for me next trip they take.

  12. caza

    i don’t think ive ever heard of a wispa but i luv aero’s i dont see wats wrong with it

  13. amara

    i think areo mint is my life
    i love it sooo much

  14. miriam

    i love areo mint when ever i get home i run to the shops to buy one and the same with everyday

  15. eating aero right now

    mate, you should have got paid for advertising aero.

  16. lily u mention cadbury wispa..
    is the production stopped?
    i really love that thing

  17. kev

    AERO MINT is the BEST chocolate bar ever!!! maybe cuz i love mint but the choc. bar is awesome… quite sensational to me XD

  18. Palandi

    just found a bar of Mint Aero for sale in Brasília, Brazil (an UK import), bought and loved it. I want more.

  19. Just finished my latest chocolate party. The Nestle Aero Minty Bubbles chocolate bar ended up 6th. I’m not a mint fan but have to say that the texture was excellent. Can’t wait to try a another Aero with a different flavor.

  20. Charlie

    I recently got back from a trip to Dublin and i brought my kids a selection of chocolate bars, my youngest Lilly was so excited because the mint aero bar i got broke in the middle, there was great excitment, has anyone else had a mint earo do this ?

  21. Aeronauta

    A mí y a mis amigas nos encanta el aero de menta, lo probamos a un viaje a Londres y aquí, en España, no sabemos donde lo venden. Podría alguien decirme si conoce algún sitio donde lo vendan, o si alguien lo puede enviarlo por correo? Por favor. Si alguien lo sabe, que conteste cuanto antes. BSS

  22. You might not remember, but in the UK, that is, according to my grandfather, in 1965, Cadbury launched the Aero bar. The mint version (this chocolate you reviewed) was launched in the 1970s. The wrapper was brown for chocolate and green for mint, and had the “Cadbury’s” script logo and the large word “AERO” below it, with the slogan “Hold on tight or I’ll fly away!” below the “AERO” word. On the 24/7/85, the Sunday Express reported that Cadbury was going bankrupt and was selling its KitKat, Smarties and Aero chocolates to Nestlé. So here you have it, the UK Aero bar’s history.
    (By the way, I’m a 12-year-old Irish chocolate lover.)

  23. Oh, and by the way, the “AERO” word had the words “Airated Milk Chocolate” for the chocolate version and “Airated Milk-Mint Chocolate” for the mint version. Also, in the 1970s, an advertisement for the chocolate version appeared in which kids flying a kite imagined the kite was an Aero bar and bubbles flew out of the bar to form the wrapping for the chocolate version. Also, the two bars were avalible in the Cadbury’s Dairy Box that contained Cadbury’s milk chocolates. So, that’s all on the history of the UK Aero bar, folks! In fact, the bar was divided into TWELVE chunks, compared to the seven on today’s Nestlé Aero bar.

  24. Corinne

    I really enjoy both the aero mint and the aero orange chocolate but what I
    think would be really tasty is to see them in dark chocolate as well after all
    dark chocolate is better for you

  25. nichater Kumari

    Could you please email me egg free and vegetarian list for yor products as i have cant eat egg products because of the alergy and i am a vegetarian.


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