Marks & Spencer Marzipan Bar

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Marks & Spencer Marzipan Bar

I picked this bar up in M&S Simply Food in Marylebone Station without even looking at what it was. I was in a rush and could tell from the colour of the wrapper it was something I hadn’t reviewed before. It was only when I looked at it on the train that I saw the word “Marzipan” in big letters.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not that much of a fan of marzipan. I think it belongs on Christmas cake and should stay there, rather than inside my chocolate!

Marks & Spencer Marzipan Bar

The dark chocolate here is 50% cocoa solids, and although it’s quite sweet it’s really quite pleasant… not that there’s much of it.

20% of the contents of this bar is almonds, and that’s just nuts (hahaha!)

Marks & Spencer Marzipan Bar

The texture of the marzipan is very similar to the Niederegger Marzipan bar I reviewed last year. It’s quite dry and crumbly with a slightly grainy texture.

Luckily, it’s also quite light and not too sweet, and that makes this quite a pleasant little snack.

This is still the kind of bar that’s going to appeal to marzipan fans (marzifans?) rather than chocolate purists, but I enjoyed munching on this with a nice cup of tea this more than I expected to. I’m no marzipan convert, but I quite liked this.


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  1. Since I’m a big “marzifan”, I’m going to try this out! Thanks for the review.

  2. Hi Dom – has my pun training (that’s a pun too, in a subtle way – seeing as you found this in a train station… oh dear) been rubbing off?

    Seriously though, it seems like there is marzipan, and marzipan. Some is so strong (the bitter almonds that Sherlock Holmes and Watson wound come across now and again) that it’s almost inedible unless your genes have favoured you.

    Sounds like you found a good one – which is something I’ve still to find.

  3. I *LOVE* marzipan and wish that it would emerge from underneath the icing on wedding cakes far more often.

    ….especially if coated in dark chocolate.

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