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I have to admit, my heart sank a little when I saw this in the shop.

I love Toblerone. Proper, original, unadulterated Toblerone. And I just couldn’t see how a dark chocolate version could possibly work. I know it’s been around for a while now, but we’ve not reviewed them and this is actually the first time I’ve seen them on sale.

Needless to say, I added it to my chocolate basket and proceeded to the checkout.

As you can see, it looks just like a regular Toblerone, only darker. It has the same distinctive shape and flecks of white nougat.

According to the label, the chocolate is “Swiss Plain Chocolate” with a minimum of 50% cocoa solids. I always worry when I see the words “plain chocolate”, because more often than not, that’s exactly what you get – very plain chocolate.

In this case though, it’s quite nice. It has a much fuller flavour than something like the Black Magic bar I reviewed earlier this week. It might actually be too strong a flavour, as it does have a bit of an aftertaste. Not a bad aftertaste, but I don’t particularly want to be tasting dark chocolate a day after having eaten it…

But the real problem is that this just isn’t doesn’t taste like Toblerone any more.

What makes a Toblerone is that wonderfully creamy milk chocolate with a hint of honey in the chewy nougat bits. But here, you can’t taste anything but the chocolate. Even if you let the chocolate melt away in your mouth, so you’re left with only the nougat, the flavour is only barely discernible. The dark chocolate simply overwhelms everything that makes a Toberlone.

Like the Fruit & Nut variety, this seems to be nothing more than a half hearted attempt by Kraft to expand the Toblerone brand. Sadly, I think it may just end up doing exactly the opposite – this makes me not want to by Toblerone any more.


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  1. Cliff

    Disagree. Toblerone Dark’s been around in Switzerland for at least the past forty years and it’s my favourite version. Much less sweet than the milk version.

    Have you tried Toblerone White? That’s great too. I didn’t realise it was Kraft now… still it’s much nicer than their cheese slices. πŸ™‚

  2. Simon

    I have one of these sat in my chococupboard. I quite liked it but found that the nougaty bit stood out a bit too much for me. I rather liked the dark chocolate though. Each to his own eh?

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    That’s interesting. Maybe mine was duff, but I could barely taste the nougat at all.

  4. babycakes=)

    this question is a bit off topic but i cant seem to find out the anwser i bought a lion from poland in a little shop in bath and its called lion biaty? what is biaty lol? πŸ˜›

  5. babycakes=)

    also i got a called 3 bit and was wondering what that was lol

  6. I agree – I tried this last month and found that I could barely taste the nougat or honey. I only really tasted it when I let the chocolate melt away and I was only left with the nougaty bits!

  7. Each to his own, I guess because I lurrve the dark Toblerone! And the fruit-n-nut one too, and when they turn up on my supermarket shelves (which isn’t very often) I snap them up.

    Dark choc and nougat wins me over every time. Maybe for you, Dom, ‘the original is always the best’ and your heart isn’t going to forgive them for introducing new flavours?

  8. u8mypinkcookies

    i love toblerone dark! i prefer it over the milk choco or white choco variant πŸ˜€

  9. Al

    Toblerone Dark is probably my favorite chocolate of all. Lindt dark chocolate is also very nice.

    To me Toblerone Dark has almost the perfect balance of chocolate flavor. When you first bit it, it is a little too bitter; then as you chew it the flecks of sweet honey nougat balance the bitterness perfectly. To me it has a very plesent finish. Some of the super high cacao percentage chocolates overpower my taste buds but Toblerone has the perfect strength for me.

  10. I too prefer the original Toblerone. I’ve tried this one before and didnt like it that much..I’ve also tried the white choco one which I did like, maybe the honey & nougat bits went better with white then dark choco…(for my tastebuds at least)

  11. lisa

    is there a PLAIN (no nougat/honey) toblerone chocolate for sale? my boyfriend just read something about it in a cookbook. just curious…

  12. Kyle

    First off, as others have noted, this is hardly a “new” flavor. I can’t speak to how long it’s been sold in Switzerland, but here in the States, I’ve been buying them since college at least, some 8-10 years.

    Second, not sure why the existence of a flavor you don’t like would sabotage your enjoyment of a flavor that you do. I don’t like white “chocolate” (if you can call something without cocoa solids “chocolate”). Doesn’t mean I won’t eat dark chocolate from a manufacturer that makes white chocolate.

    Finally, I’ve always eaten Toblerones by sucking off the chocolate and then chewing the nougat. Yes, I can taste it in the dark chocolate version, and it’s delicious. However, you know what would be an amazing new version? Double nougat. Twice the nougat chunks. Wake me up when that version comes out.

  13. I like the dark Toblerone better than the original but it’s so hard to find sometimes.Everywhere I go, they’re stocked up on white and milk Toblerone and no trace of the dark one.I guess it means it’s not quite that popular among others πŸ™

    • barb

      It is my favorite. Once I found a store that sells it I just go in and buy all their dark toblerones..I think they get it know as they don’t run out as much as they used to. I have also found it in a Bartells of all places.

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