James Strawberry & Champagne Truffles

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James Chocolates’ second offering for lovers who love chocolate comes in the form of these Strawberry & Marc de Champagne liqueur truffles, although in fairness they aren’t in any way Valentine themed other than by virtue of the fact they’re pink. On the outside at least. As you can see from the cross section, they are in fact a dark chocolate centre enrobed in milk chocolate and rolled in white chocolate flakes and freeze dried strawberry pieces.

The ganache at the centre of these truffles is a mixture of fresh cream and dark chocolate with strawberries and a hint of balsamic vinegar (a neat little touch to balance some of the sweetness and accent the fruit flavours). As you bite down the first thing that hits your tongue is the sweet white chocolate with hints of strawberry followed quickly by the darker notes of the centre, which delivers its fruit and alcohol payload before the 31% milk chocolate melts into the mix.

There’s 3% Marc de Champagne Liqueur in each centre, and it’s noticeable but harmonious. The alcohol never threatens to overpower the chocolate but there’s enough there to give you a good whiff of booze. They are still on the sweet side, but that’s really what to expect from white and milk chocolate.

Taken as a potential Valentine’s gift, these truffles would probably appeal to those who may not want to pay the premium which often comes with buying seasonally themed goods but want something distinctive and with a little more quality than mainstream chocolate. James’ distinct magenta and purple packaging will probably appeal to younger buyers, probably as an alternative to offerings by betterknown companies.


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  1. Ana

    I’m drooling. Strawberries, champagne… much nicer than the truffles I got last evening.

  2. The truffles look so delicious! I definitely miss having some truffles.

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