Waitrose Dark Chocolate & Lemon Truffles

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Waitrose Dark Chocolate & Lemon Truffles

From Waitrose’s “Seriously Chocolatey” range comes this rather stylish little black box of chocolates. Inside are little balls of dark chocolate with a soft white chocolate cream and lemon filling. Unfortunately, there’s only 70g of them. That’s barely a mouthful.

I’ve always been a bit of a fan of real citrus flavours with dark chocolate. It’s a combination that can be wonderful, but is easy to get wrong and often ends up a sickly mess, particularly when mixed with cream.

But the mix of Sicilian lemon, white chocolate and cream works very well here. It’s neither too intense or too creamy, and the hint of white chocolate brings the flavours together with a bit of sweetness.

Waitrose Dark Chocolate & Lemon Truffles

You don’t get much dark chocolate for your money as the shells are very thin, but what you do get is quite good. It’s 70% cocoa solids and the slight bitterness complements the sweet filling nicely. But you don’t get long to savour the flavours before it melts away to reveal the smooth and light, lemony filling.

But I just can’t get past the fact that 70g isn’t enough. I polished this box off in about ten minutes, so if you’re planning on sharing, you’ll just have to plan ahead and buy two boxes instead. And then send one to me.


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  1. ros day

    Are Waitroise dark chocolate and lemon truffles gluten free?

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