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Another season is upon us, which means another collection of tea-based chocolates from Katie Christoffers’ Matcha Chocolat.

The presentation is exactly the same as previous collections – the box hasn’t changed at all – only the contents have changed. Well… most of the contents, at least.

Masala Chai
Milk chocolate ganache infused with Masala Chai enrobed in a dark chocolate dome and topped with crystalised ginger.
This chocolate has formed the centrepiece of all Matcha’s collections. Although it’s a great tasting chocolate, with a subtly spiced ganache and a nice piece of crystalised ginger on top, I would have preferred to see something new here, particularly as you get four of these chocolates per box, and three of all the rest.

Dark chocolate enrobed square with milk chocolate ganache infused with Japanese Genmaicha tea.
The only non-domed chocolate in the collection, and an interesting one too. The ganache is described as “nutty” and “leafy”, but I picked up more burnt toffee and coffee flavours from it. The soft, smooth dark ganache works well with these more earthy flavours.

Secret Garden
Dark chocolate dome with milk chocolat ganache infused with violet scented tea and a layer of violet jelly.
I’m quite partial to violet, so the first thing I did with this was to eat the little piece of crystalised violet on the top. Yum. The flavour continues all the way through the chocolate, with the tea just providing a delicate spicy flavour at the end. Not my favourite of the bunch, but still very nice!

April Snow
White chocolate ganache with white tea liqueur enrobed in white chocolate.
A soft and creamy white ganache with a subtle fruity aroma and flavour. The flavour of the tea comes through right at the end, when the sweet creaminess of the white chocolate has started to fade. Another great chocolate, but I’m not entirely sure why a chocolate called “April Snow” is in an autumnal collection!

Keemum Mango
Milk chocolate dome with milk chocolate ganache, inflused with mango scented tea and Chinese Keemum tea, topped with dried mango.
I didn’t really pick up on any tea flavours at all with this chocolate. Just a creamy, mango flavoured ganache. Again, a great chocolate, but not something I’d call spectacular.

Overall, another beautifully made and presented collection. The flavours are subtle, and the ganaches are light and smooth. It’s a quality product made by a skilled chocolatier.

But I still have niggling doubts about tea chocolates in general. It wasn’t the tea I picked up on here, so much as the flavours that have been added. Perhaps I just drink too much PG to truly appreciate them.


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