Heritage Chocolate Medals

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Heritage Chocolate Medals

According to their web site, Heritage Chocolate is the sister company of Tower Mint – London’s only working mint, which produces all kinds of commemorative coins and medals – including the currency used on Gibraltar.

Hertiage Chocolate coins however, are foil wrapped and made from Belgian milk chocolate. As far as I’m aware, they’re not legal tender in Gibraltar.

Heritage Chocolate Medals

Rather than coins, the samples they sent me were medals, including some Christmassy designs and a huge 125g specimen with “You are the greatest” proudly embossed on the front and a ribbon to wear it around the neck. After having worn it for half a day (and wondering why it didn’t say “I am the greatest”), I decided I it was probably time to review it.

Heritage Chocolate Medals

There are no ingredients listed, but details embossed on the back tell me it’s 30% Belgian milk chocolate (I love how this is all embossed on the actual chocolate as well – right down to the best before date). They taste Ok, with a nice creamy texture and some pleasant cocoa notes, but they’re really not that special. I’ve had much, much better milk chocolates, but I’ve also had a lot worse.

Yet there’s something special about chocolate coins and medals that just makes me want want more of these. Not to eat, but just to ‘have’. I don’t know if it’s just the fact that chocolate coins combine my two favourite things, or if it’s memories of little bags of foil covered coins I used to see in sweet shops as a child. Perhaps it’s just the fact that I look so awesome wearing a huge chocolate medal around my neck all day… such a shame I forgot to take pictures…


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  1. OMG loved reading your blogpost. I added your rss to my reader.

  2. Callum Stockdale

    Novelty shaped Chocolate always seems to be attractive no matter age or gender, check out Milkas Christmas item, I think its a cow or something…

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