Chocolate Café Strawberry Chocolate With Black Pepper

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The Chocolate Café is a chocolate shop and café in Ramsbottom, Lancashire. As you can see from the picture above, they don’t just sell other people’s chocolate, they also have their own label.

They sent us three bars to try, and this is the one I picked to try first. A strawberry chocolate sounded just the thing for a warm summers day.

I wasn’t expecting this bar to be quite so pink, so I got a bit of a surprise unwrapping it. It’s like strawberry milkshake in a bar, and has the aroma to go with it.

This is a 28% cocoa solids chocolate, and for those of you who don’t think of white chocolate as “proper” chocolate, that’s a third more than, say, Dairy Milk. And I would much rather have a bar of this stuff any day.

The bar is flavoured and coloured with real freeze-dried strawberries, and it’s no surprise that strawberry is the overriding flavour. It’s sweet of course, but it’s also fresh, fruity and light.

The tiniest hint of black pepper helps to lift that flavour even more, but this bar isn’t hot in any way. The casual consumer might not even notice the pepper at all. I have to say, I prefer this to Chocoholly’s take on the white/strawberry/pepper theme.

Finally, a quick word about the packaging. I really like it. It’s eye-catching, yet simple. Printed on quality paper with a sliver foil lining. It feels like a quality bar of chocolate from the moment you pick it up, and if you’re a strawberry lover, then it more than lives up to the promise.


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  1. This one sounds like it’s worth a try. The hint of pepper sounds very interesting.

  2. Lotty

    Unfortunately, not available to buy on their website as a single bar, so I was *forced* to order a Chocolate Club box. Very much looking forward to seeing what I get.

  3. But even you were forced, I know you will enjoy it and recommend it to your friends…

  4. Lotty

    Forced in the best possible way! It arrived yesterday containing milk chocolate fudge, dark chocolate orange peel, and – in an amazing mindreading move – Zotter Black Cherry and Vanilla (hurrah!). Absolutely well worth a fiver of anyone’s money and something I’ll definitely be ordering again.

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