Hope And Greenwood Champagne Truffle Selection

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I met Hope and Greenwood at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair on Sunday. Their colourful stand was crammed full of chocolate and sweeties and stood out, even in a giant hall packed with chocolate.

This little box of goodies was thrust into my hand before I had a chance to argue, so it’s only fair I say a few words about them before they all disappear.

Inside, we have sixteen chocolates in four varieties; Bubbly Bucks Fizz, Pink Champagne, White Champagne and Milk Champagne.

Hope and Greenwood’s logo has the motto “Purveyors Of Splendid Confectionery”, so as you might expect, these milk and white chocolates are aimed squarely at those with a sweeter tooth.

As you can see, they do look quite appealing though. The packaging is simple but elegant, and most importantly of all, the chocolates are arranged in an efficient geometric pattern.

I tried the Milk Champagne first, and was pleasantly surprised. The shell was thick, and the filling was smooth if a little firm, with just a hint of Champagne. There wasn’t a lot of depth to the chocolate, just the gentle warmth of Marc de Champagne and a lot of sweetness.

At the other end of the spectrum, the White Champagne is dusted in icing sugar, just in case you think white chocolate with a white chocolate filling isn’t quite sweet enough! The Champagne flavour was a bit more subtle this time, and it was just a little too sweet for my tastes!

But I’m not target market here, and those that like their chocolate to be sweet will love these. Even with my preference for dark chocolate, I still managed to scoff nearly half the box.

For those with the sweeter tooth, they’d make a great gift, and something a bit different from the mass produced chocolate that’s starting to fill the supermarket shelves this time of year.


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  1. Su Mitchell

    These are really not good at all. Give me Booja Booja any day. H & G have not helped make Easter a special occasion.

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