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After a break from the norm with Matcha’s Chocolate Shards, tea-chocolatier-extrordinaire Katie Christoffers is back with another selection box – this time with a winter theme.

The packaging remains unchanged from Matcha’s other selection boxes, which is fine by me, although it does mean my box photos are pretty much interchangeable. But why change a winning formula?

There are five different flavours to choose from, and they are:

Jasmine Pearls
White chocolate centre + jasmine pearl tea + white chocolate shell.
Starting with my least favourite – and that has nothing to do with the chocolate, but is purely down to the fact that I just don’t get on with Jasmine. Luckily for me, the jasmine is subtle, and doesn’t overwhelm the other flavours. It’s quite creamy, yet refreshing and never too sweet even with that white chocolate. It turns out that I actually like my least favourite chocolate here…

Mint & Green Tea
Milk chocolate centre + mint and green tea + milk chocolate shell.
I wish all mint chocolates were like this. Bite into the shell and the chocolate immediately releases the perfect amount of fresh mint flavour. After that gentle burst of mint, all the other flavours come through – from the rich milk chocolate to the cream and even the tea. This may well qualify as my favourite mint chocolate of all time.

Earl Grey
Dark chocolate centre + earl grey tea + dark chocolate shell.
I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Earl Grey, but I like this chocolate. That distinctive bergamot orange flavour breaks through the dark chocolate ganache, then fades away, revealing more rich, chocolatey flavour.

Milk chocolate centre + Japanese green tea + square milk chocolate shell.
The tea is very subtle in this one, and mainly serves to lift the favour of the chocolate. It’s soft and a little fudgy, both in texture and flavour, but it’s neither too sweet or too rich.

Masala Chai Caramel Hearts
Masala chai caramel centre + milk chocolate shell.
I know several people who regard these as the best of the best of Matcha’s offerings. They’re gooey caramels that are sweet with a slight burnt toffee edge, countered by the refreshing, flowery masala chai. Wrap that in a a dark chocolate shell to counter some of the sweetness, and you have a unique and extraordinary caramel. Salted caramels are so five years ago. Masala chai caramels are where it’s at.

I’ve said before that I didn’t know how Matcha could keep the tea-themed chocolate concept going. Katie is clearly branching out and trying new things, but she’s also managed to improve each new iteration of these selection boxes with subtle refinements and attention to detail. Not only are the flavours expertly chosen and balanced, but the chocolates are exquisitely made and presented.

If I were to receive just one box of chocolates in my Christmas stocking this year, I think it would be this one.


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