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Every time I think of Fruit & Nut, this is what comes to mind:

That was over 30 years ago and I still know all the words.

Fruit & NutThese days of course, Fruit & Nut is part of the Dairy Milk ‘superbrand’, and as with a lot of the products in the range, it’s lost some of its appeal for me. I liked the fact that all these different chocolate bars had different branding. These days, there’s less scope to do fun things with different products in the brand and we’ve lost some of the best ads on TV.

Having said that, I do still like an occasional Fruit & Nut.

It’s not something I buy regularly (particularly now that I eat chocolate for a living!), but I do still buy it. The chocolate is exactly the same as a standard Dairy Milk bar, so if you want to know how it tastes, just go read the review. That way I don’t have to type it all again and I can concentrate on getting this piece of nut out of my teeth.

Fruit & NutThe nuts in Fruit & Nut are almonds, and don’t really taste of much. They do add a nice crunch to the bar, but in my opinion, they’re just a little too big – particularly in this small 49g bar – they often just stick out of the side. I think I’d prefer it if they were chopped up and spread more evenly through the chocolate.

The fruit part of the bar is raisins. There doesn’t seem to be as many raisins as there are nuts, but at least you can taste them. They have a nice fruity tang and add a distinct chewyness to the bar.

I’m the kind of person who will happily munch on a bag of mixed nuts & dried fruit, so the addition of chocolate makes this a nice snack for me. Other people may find it a little dull.

The name and branding may be different, but this bar hasn’t changed much in years. It could be improved, but I’m not sure I want Cadbury to change it.


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  1. Julian

    hmmm, i’m uk born an bred and as far as i know it’s hazlenut and rasin over here and almond and rasin in the US…can you clarify?

    p.s. reading your archives, loving it 🙂

  2. Nope
    I’s definitely almond and raisin in the uk
    I just looked on the back of one I bought today 🙂

  3. hi my name is shauni i would like to say that dairy milk chocalate is the best chocalate you could ever have thank you for listining shauni p.s you should bring some new ones out like hazelnut and fruit.hope you tack it in consideration please

  4. Divya

    I wanted to know Cadbury Dairy Milk – Fruit & Nut – Made in Australia & imported ingredients – is it pure veg? Suitable for Vegeterian? & Which others r suitable for vegeterian?

  5. kk

    i love dairy milk fruit and nut its my favorite amongst all of the other dairy milk cadburies i love it a lot thank u dairy milk

  6. Dick

    The fruit and nut content has significantly declined since the Hershey takeover. The raisins often have the stalks on them and the almonds are now verging on the soggy, they used to be crisper.

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