The Chocolate Tree “Seeds” Milk Chocolate

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Having recently written about this Edinburgh company and their excellent chilli chocolate, I was obviously keen to try another one of The Chocolate Tree’s bars. This time it was their milk chocolate bar with seeds. The bar contains sunflower, pumpkin and hemp seeds. Looking at the bar, you can see that there is rather a healthy distribution of them along the back, which looks quite attractive and promising.

Similarly to the other bars, the packaging is simple, but the design of the bar has that same slightly mismatched look that makes it look homemade and a little bit arty.

I’ve been told The Chocolate Tree often have stalls at festivals, selling from a large geodesic dome. I can imagine a bar like this that’s got obvious hippie appeal would sell quite well at a music festival because of the whole organic and healthy angle. The genuinely alternative feel of the packaging would also go down well.

Packaging and blurb aside, I must say that I personally am not always a fan of mixing healthy stuff with my treats, but in this case I found the saltiness of the seeds blended quite well with the sweetness of the chocolate. In fact, it took the edge of the sweetness rather nicely.

I like the fact that The Chocolate Tree are generous with the quantities of the added ingredients. I’ve had bars before that only had a tiny bit of what they promised, but with this bar you could certainly feel a significant amount of seedy goodness with every single bite.

The Chocolate Tree’s milk chocolate has a really good texture. It’s neither heavy nor greasy but is nonetheless rich enough to be flavoursome and creamy enough to melt quite nicely in your mouth.

This is another surprisingly good, understated but very palatable bar and it’ll make you feel like you’re not being totally unhealthy by indulging. I’m not sure quite how true that is, but seeds are meant to be good for you, so that’s the line I’m taking.


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