Hotel Chocolat Chilli Penguins

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Christmas is just around the corner and for me, that can only mean one thing. More weird and wonderful stuff from Hotel Chocolat. And what better way to start than these cleverly named “Chilli Penguins”.

We have a bunch of stuff from Hotel Chocolat to review and most of it is quite simple, so I’m going to keep this review fairly short.

As you can see, they look pretty much like they do on the box. Solid dark chocolate (74%) stylised penguins, and as you’d expect, they have a bit of a chilli hit to them.

The chilli itself isn’t that strong and the heat only really starts to appear when the chocolate has melted away, so you get the full range of sensations. The dark chocolate is, as you’d expect from Hotel Chocolat, smooth and rich with no bitter aftertaste, and the chilli is… well… chilli. It’s not too potent, but it’s enough to leave you with a warm Christmassy glow.

You get 10 penguins in a box, and I guess these are the kind of chocs you could hang on your Christmas tree (although you’d have to drill holes through then penguins’ eyes…) or share with visiting family and friends. My verdict: simple but effective – I suspect they’d help get any Christmas party warmed up.


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