Chococo Chocolate Dipped Sundried Apricots

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Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are the best. And I think these Chococo chocolate covered apricots can be included in that statement. Dried apricots, dippped in dark chocolate and packed into these very summery looking 125g bags.

The fruit in question is sun dried Turkish apricots. They’re not particularly beautiful to look at, but they don’t need to be.

Whether or not you like them will of course come down to how much you like dried fruit. These have just the write amount of flavour. They’re chew, succulent, and in my opinion, delicious.

The chocolate they’re dipped in is a 70% dark chocolate from the Grenada Chocolate Company. It’s not too sweet, but the natural sugars in the apricot balance that nicely. It works very well with the fruit, but I prefer to just let it melt away before biting into the apricot inside.

That’s really all there is to these. As chocolate snacks go, these are probably among the healthier options you could go for. Perfect for having around the house at Christmas – but they’re quite addictive so don’t expect them to last long.


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