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Knead Bakery is a new company offering allergy friendly baked goods in a similar vein to Sugargrain. Knead was started by Sim Smith, who is herself allergic to gluten, yeast, dairy and cane sugar and all kneads products are completely free of these.

Sim sent me some chocolate chip cookies and a brownie to try, but they sell cakes, muffins and other non-chocolate products, and also have a bespoke baking service for allergy sufferers.

First up, the cookies. For those interested, the ingredients are:

Gluten Free Flour (Rice, Potato, Tapioca, Maize & Buckwheat), Agave Nectar, Grape Seed Oil, No Added Sugar Chocolate (Cocoa Mass, Xylitol, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Lecithin), Vanilla Essence, Bicarbonate Of Soda, Salt.

For me, the most interesting things of note there are the use of Xylitol and sunflower lecithin in the chocolate, where you’d normally have cane sugar and soy lecithin.

They taste pretty good. They’re not as sweet as a conventional chocolate chip cookie (which many people will like), and although they’re soft, they’re still a little crumbly rather than chewy. I can’t say they’re my favourite ever cookie, but I enjoyed them and my 100g bag soon disappeared!

The ingredients list on the brownie is longer, but contains many of the same things – gluten free flour and that same no added sugar chocolate.

It’s quite a ‘cakey’ brownie, with a moist but crumbly texture. It’s not as dense as many of the brownies I’ve tried, including the Gü Brownie I just happened to have on my desk at the same time. The flavour is good, but as with the cookie, it’s not as sweet or rich as a more conventional offering. But this one also disappeared very quickly.

All in all, I enjoyed these. Being completely sugar and dairy free as well as gluten free, they’re clearly aimed at people with quite severe allergies, so it’s good to know the rest of us can enjoy them as well. I’m looking forward to seeing Knead develop they’re range and experiment with new ideas in future. They have an online store coming soon, but in the mean time I suggest dropping them an email if you’re interested in finding out more.


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  1. yasmin butt

    Excellent, I’m really glad you reviewed these as I have various intolerances and find cakes and biscuits can give me acid indigestion. I am pleased that these products don’t compromise on taste and manage to use creative ingredients instead.

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