Marks & Spencer Milk Chocolate Velvety Square Egg

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This rather interesting looking Marks & Spencer ‘egg’ certainly has the initial wow factor. More of a sculpture than an egg, it’s very reminiscent of something Artisan du Chocolat might make. I don’t know who actually makes this for M&S, but if it’s not made by Artisan, it certainly has that influence.

The packaging looks pretty good too, with its 360 degree clear pastic pyramid showing off the egg in the best possible way. Unfortunately, it’s an absolute pig to open. I’m sure there’s a proper way to get the box open, but I couldn’t find it, and ended up having to take scissors to it and cut all around the egg. I really wish these things were better thought out.

The egg itself is milk chocolate, covered in a matt, velvety finish that looks very nice indeed. It is completely hollow, but the base contains 24 golden chocolate ‘pearls’ which set it off quite nicely.

The golden balls are quite pleasant. They’re white chocolate with a milk chocolate praline centre. They’re sweet, but not too sweet so they’re quite easy to eat.

The milk chocolate of the egg itself is Ok, but not amazing. It’s creamy and sweet and at 35% cocoa solids, well above average for a supermarket Easter Egg. It does lack a lot of depth of flavour though, so it’s still not a chocolate I would buy for myself.

But this is an Easter Egg that’s as much about making a visual impression as anything else, and it really does succeed in doing that. I think most people would be very happy to receive an egg like this, and I’m very impressed that M&S have come up with a range of luxury eggs that are verging on the artisan, at least in terms of presentation. They’re not available to buy online, but you should be able to pick one up from your local M&S food hall.


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