Paul A Young Marmite Brownie

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Paul A Young Marmite Brownie

There are some foods that are just made to go together. Fish & Chips… Tea & Biscuits… Marmite & Chocolate…

Paul A Young has been working with Marmite for years. We first tried his Marmite Truffles back in 2009. In 2010, we looked at his Marmite XO Bar (which, of course we loved), and now it’s time for… the Marmite Brownie.

Here it is, in all its gooey glory.

Paul A Young Marmite Brownie

“But wait!”, I hear you cry, “How doe Marmite work in a brownie!?”.

That’s a good question. And the answer is “Very well indeed”.

The Marmite acts just like the salt in a salted caramel, and actually enhances the flavour of the chocolate. Of course the Marmite flavour is quite strong, and if there were too much it would completely overpower the chocolate. But Paul has managed to get the balance just right. There’s enough Marmite to get a good hit from it, but what you mostly get is the sweet, gooey chocolateyness you’d expect from a Paul A Young brownie.

If you love Marmite, then I think you’ll love this too. If you’re one of the non-converted who doesn’t yet love Marmite, then I still think it’s worth trying for novelty value – and because it’s just a damn good brownie.

The Marmite Brownie is only currently available from Paul A Young’s Islington shop. You won’t find it in his other shops.


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  1. Looks wonderfull. Wish we had it here in Portugal! 🙂

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