James Caramel & Vanilla Discs

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James Caramel & Vanilla Discs

Time for another offering from James Chocolates, and this time we have some rather interesting looking caramel chocolate discs with vanilla and sea salt.

The thing that intrigued me most though, was that ‘Great Taste Gold’ award logo on the package. I’ve not been that keen on the sweet 60% dark chocolate I’ve tried recently, so I wondered if this milk chocolate could really warrant such an award.

James Caramel & Vanilla Discs

Inside the fancy pink and purple box, we have this little stack of discs, sealed in plastic. Open the bag and you’re immediately hit by the delicous aroma of vanilla. It’s like sniffing a big bowl of ice cream. Yum.

The discs themselves are very simple affairs. Solid chocolate, about 4cm across, flat and round, with a slightly dull finish, and a soft snap.

James Caramel & Vanilla Discs

And they taste, really, really nice. Of course, being a caramel milk chocolate, they’re quite sweet, but the chocolate is very similar to Hotel Chocolat’s caramel chocolate which I just can’t get enough of. It’s smooth and creamy with a slightly burnt edge to it, and every so often, a grain of sea salt that serves to enhance all the flavours. It’s clear that a lot of thought has been put into the balance of flavours here – much more so than I’ve seen in other James products.

It’s all too easy to get carried away and eat the entire 100g bag of these very, very quickly. Really, they need to be shared with a friend over a horrifically slushy movie. Or broken up and sprinkled over ice cream. But for the time being, I’ve had to hide the bag from myself, as I know they’ll be gone in seconds if I leave them lying around.

Want to win some?

Update: This competition is now closed!

Having told James how much I liked these, the man himself has offered to give a couple of boxes to Chocablog readers. If you want to be in with a chance to win one, you can enter in two ways. You can:

  • Leave a comment on this post. The comment can say anything, but make sure the email address you enter is valid so we can contact the winner.
  • Retweet this post on Twitter.

You can enter both ways if you like, but please, no more than once each per household, and this giveaway is open to UK residents only. I’ll pick a winners (one each from Twitter and post comments) on Tuesday May 4th.


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Comments On This Post

  1. Michelle Shaftoe

    Ooh these look just right to induldge in for when i have my baby 🙂 Its the last one too – hubby is getting the snip in a month!!


    Oh baby, how I would love to place these on my tongue and let them melt.
    I’d taste the sexy liquid cocoa and savour the moment.

    yum yum yum! xxx

  3. I have RT from @katiemack12 but I wanted to say also they look lovely & the packaging looks sweet.

  4. Alison

    These look so fab

  5. tracey

    they look like a real naughty treat but evfer so scrummy to eat

  6. Oh yum yum yum for my tum tum tum
    😉 x

  7. Dora

    These sound amazing! I am a huge fan of vanilla. Nom!


    Wow, yummy scrummy! Have RT (@bextow)

  9. cheryl hadfield

    Would love to win these so i could share with my hubby once the kids have gone to bed !!!

  10. Katherine

    They’re not James’, they’re mine, and I’d like them back, please!

  11. Rachel Medhurst

    I think I would eat the whole lot in three bites 😉

  12. Maggie

    Caramel, vanilla and sea salt – what’s not to like? 🙂
    I’m pretty sure I’d manage to devour the whole bag without even knowing it.

  13. sherie buck

    yum yum gimmy sum x

  14. Irena

    Mmmmm this is great :)we do not have them here in Serbia, but they look like Jafa cookies 🙂 njam njam 🙂

  15. cheryl

    Mmmmmm….these look and sound delicious!! Being 18 weeks pregnant, these would go down a treat!

  16. Rod

    Sounds a really good idea to crumle it over icecream.

  17. Lora

    They sound absolutely wonderful, my mouth was watering reading your review!

  18. Gavin

    Salt in chocolate? I’ll just have to win them to see what the fuss is about.

  19. Sally Eades

    O.k…I’m begging now!…lol They sound like a little piece of perfection…my little piece of perfection? Is it my lucky day?…I live in hope.

  20. David W

    Caramel, vanilla, salt… like putting my favourite flavours together into one delicious chocolate disc! 😀

  21. Mmmm, have just had a big slice of chocolate cake but these are making me crave more chocolate! *nom*

  22. Coistycat (Donna B)

    Ooh these look yummy. Not allwowed to eat anything so tasty at the moment but as soon as i am these would be the perfect treat to cheer me up as i am missing chocolate so much xx

  23. Mariangela

    ….too bad the giveaway is open to UK residents only… :”-(
    Ok I’ll go and scoff a milk bar to comfort me… 😉
    Bye from Italy!

  24. Claire Harrill

    please feed me

  25. Denise

    yummy scrummy They look like they belong in my Tum

  26. Tom

    Yum chocolate!

  27. Kunal

    Oh yes!!! just perfect for me…. I want it all!!! plz!!plz!!!plz!!

  28. stacey owen

    Yum Yum,
    give me some,
    in my tum!!!

  29. legs21

    Yum chocolate

  30. Julie Feathers

    Oh Yummmmmmy!

  31. Julie Smith

    Ohhhhhhhh I so need to win need the fix lol

  32. kippo1

    only 5,000 calories each,but whos counting

  33. Cheryl

    lurve sea salt caramel stuff…i wanntttt ^_^

  34. Catherine Gregory

    I’m a huge chocoholic but am on a diet so can’t eat huge bars of it. These would be perfect because of couple of these would not be too calorific

  35. Valerie

    Oh my goodness, these sound absolutely divine…

  36. Jo B

    How scrummy please add me

  37. Maggie

    How yummy, hope i win some

  38. Rachy

    These look Seriously yum! Hotel Chocolat is good but these look even better – love the girlie packaging!

  39. lynn savage

    OMG I love chocolate, I really want to win this, mmmmmmmmmmm

  40. strict

    would love to win they look very moorish!

  41. Diane Cooper

    Another Hotel Chocolat Caramel Chocolate addict here. I would love to win these so I can compare the two 🙂

  42. Wayne

    Ooh, ooh, I want some! Please. 🙂

  43. Valerie Hartley

    Chocolate, need I say more?? MORE!

  44. Jo Young

    Oooh they look delicious and it’s so great to see they’re milk chocolate instead of dark 🙂

  45. Wayne

    Oh, cancel that entry.. *UK residents only* (I’m from Canada) 🙁

  46. Paul Vincent

    Caramel milk chocolate is my most recent addiction so these sound fantastic. I especially like the idea of thin discs, which melt on the tongue that much more quickly, flooding your mouth with the delicious flavour. Mmmm… really want to try these, now!

  47. FionaLynne Edwards

    Ooh yes please!

  48. Indresh

    omg these look amazing

  49. alan mcveigh

    yes please

  50. Ashleigh

    they look great

  51. Sheila Bound

    I’ll diet tomorrow!

  52. Michelle Watson

    These sound wonderful – havent tried choccy with sea salt so sounds like a good place to start

  53. Colin Faulkner

    MMMMMMM They look lovely MMMMMMM

  54. Claire

    My husband once asked me what do I prefer, chocolate or him. It wasn’t a difficult choice. As much as I love my hubby, chocolate will win every time! I am definitely a chocoholic and these would most definitely feed my addiction!

  55. korky

    thank you lovely prize 🙂
    good luck everyone 🙂

  56. Iwan Evans

    Thank you for running the competition and without being too bigheaded, I hope I win haha

  57. Joe

    These look awesome!!!

  58. kathleen marsden

    How good would these be sat in front of the one you love!!

  59. Robert Price

    Sound delicious.
    Good luck everyone

  60. sue mason

    yummy yummy yummy!

  61. rosie

    mmmmmm I’d love to get a box of these for my birthday
    hint hint!
    (today is my birthday)

  62. scott stevens

    Vanilla and chocolate – two of my favourite foods!

  63. Anthony Bravender

    OOHHH the Wife would love me forever more if I won a box off these for her..Thank you

  64. Caroline

    These sound delicious

  65. Linda D.

    This sounds lovely. Can’t wait to try then.

  66. And now we find just how many readers this blog has 😉 I get posts via e-mail, so I’m slightly behind the RSS readers, it seems…

  67. Vicki Page-Clark

    Wow, these sound yum – rich (but not *too* dark / bitter) chocolate, sweet vanilla and a touch of salt……think I’d be fighting the boyfriend for these if I’m lucky enough to win!
    Agree with you that the HC caramel chocolate is yum, that’s how I know these would be right up my street! 😀

  68. Nicola Ryall

    These chocolates look delicious!

  69. toniq

    Making me so hungry!!! xxx 🙂

  70. Eleanor Wigmore

    I think these sound pretty amazing. I want to win these but it seems like lots of other people fancy them too! If I don’t win I might have to treat myself anyway :o)

  71. Rudiano Roversi

    Love them!

  72. Anne

    These look delicious – adult chocs – for me, not for the kids (for a change!)

  73. Sarah Williams

    Yummm I want to eat them right right now! Delicious 🙂 & RT @cathaylass

  74. michelle rosborough

    CHOCOLATE !!!!!

  75. Victoria Boland

    My husband is the biggest chocoholic I have ever known. I would love to win these for him.

  76. CoolUnc

    I guess that a blog can be considered effective when it really raises strong emotions in the reader.

    If we all agree on this definition then Dom’s Blog today on James Caramel & Vanilla Discs is a complete success.

    I could actually smell that vanilla perfume as he opened the cellophane bag! My mouth is literally watering at his taste description. I have got that slight lift of flavour as my tongue hits a grain of salt.

    I actually got annoyed when Dom suggested breaking them up and sprinkling them over ice cream. Don’t waste them like that. Give them to me! Give them to me!

    I hope I win but I suspect my lousy, rotten luck means that I won’t. The funny thing is the blog is so good that I almost feel that I’ve tried them already! In truth, a successful Blog is one that you look forward to. And I always look forward to receiving Chocablog!

  77. Paul Bibby

    I would love to win these for my lovely wife who looks after me 24/7, but i`m sure she would share them!!?? lol

  78. caroline matthews

    these look lush – yum yum

  79. lucy osborne

    OMG! these looka and sound amazing, as a self confessed chocaholic i nwould most definately love to win these, but share? no way these will be mine all mine. i would sit with them on a friday night after the kids have gone to bed and enjoy their company with a big glass of wine and i’d put on my favourite dvd for them to enjoy. Then i would slowly nibble on them and savour every last bite until they were all gone!!!

  80. Sal

    Ooh, they look yum! I really like Hotel Chocolat’s caramel chocolate and would like to try some sea salt varieties – it’s a good job my birthday’s just around the corner!

  81. Melanie Hunt

    yummy , yummy in my tummy

  82. Richard Sutherland

    I’d love these.

  83. charlotte liquorish

    These look yummy!

  84. Emma

    Please, please tell me how to hide chocolate from myself!! I try, but seem to keep finding it. Or stumble across different chocolate that I had tried to hide previously…I’m doomed!!

  85. Rachel

    These would be devoured by my chocoholic family!!

  86. Jen B

    MMmm delicious…would love the chance to win these!

  87. Denise

    ooh I was just about to lick the computer screen when OH walked in to bring me to my senses …..they look scrummy.@lottiegirlx

  88. Dawn Spooner

    I’d love these to cheer me up having some really painful skin cancer treatment at the mo so when i’m feeling really rough could curl up on the sofa with a box of these and forget the pain.

  89. gordon

    i just love chocolate

  90. heather shaw

    Sorry everyone these are mine, all mine 🙂

    Ok, i guess i could share….. One for you six for me 😀

  91. ian green

    go on pick me,i dare you.

  92. Karman

    This looks so good!

  93. Laura Raphel

    Mmmmm these look so yummy. I would love to try them.

  94. Simon

    More salty chocolate? Incredible.
    These look well worth a go.

  95. Amanda

    Hurry up, I’ve got a pot of tea sitting here in anticipation! Yum yum!

  96. Gilla

    They sound fantastic. I’d love to have a taste.

  97. Julie

    Sounds yummy!

  98. jen e

    Hmmmmm chocolate :-p A girl can NEVER have too much chocolate!

  99. Anna

    If, like the writer says, these do taste like their caramel chocolate then they’re not to be missed. Their caramel choc buttons are heaven in a bag!

  100. Sara Macey

    I MUST have these…………….NOW!!!!!

  101. Amy R

    I would really love to win these (pleaseee!) 🙂

  102. susannah southurst

    wow they look delicious i can smell them from here

  103. Amy Keogh

    WOW these look divine!….fingers crossed!

  104. nat

    im on a diet.

    oh well it cant harm me to enter.

  105. Sarah Sutton

    mmmmmm I’m in the munchies stage of PMT so these would be ideal lol. My mouth is watering just from reading the description!

  106. Maddy

    Oh my….
    (Nuff said ;)!)

  107. Jo Jones

    I don’t know what the question is ……….
    but, the answer is always chocolate mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  108. Jay

    Oh wow, these sound gorgeous! Would love to try them!

  109. Al MacInnes

    They have to be bite size 😀

  110. Vanessa

    These look gorgeous!!!

  111. Andy D

    Would Love These!

  112. Peter

    These could be in great demand.

  113. Jenny Price

    Salt, vanilla & chocolate???? does it work, probably wouldn’t buy before I try, so I really need to win some – just to sample of course and let my friends try them as well – so if they’re really yummy, one box will sell a lot more.

  114. Diana

    These would need hiding away so that I could eat them all myself.

  115. Phil

    Sound good!

  116. Michelle

    That looks delicious…

  117. Steph

    They look absolutely gorgeous.

  118. Brian

    Okay, those look sssoooooooo good!! I’ll order them just to find out! I appreciate the great photos and description!

  119. Gill Williams

    Would love a chance to try these as i am a chocoholic thats poor !

  120. claire green

    Wow…these sound devine!
    The whiff of the vanilla aroma is enough to make me munch the whole packet, let alone their yummy caramel flavour too!
    I’m sure they would make a lovely treat, just letting them melt on the tongue…mmmmm!

  121. Natalie Harris

    These look so yummy, I want them in my tummy pretty please 🙂

  122. Richard Rowley

    mmmm… yum!

  123. Mel Tran

    everything Gold reminds me of chocolate.
    enter me please!

  124. Mel Tran

    oh wait.. i live in the US. nvm :[

  125. Laura

    Ooo! I do hope that I win – these sound divine!

  126. Kelly

    Oh my, it appears they have made giant chocolate buttons for grown ups. I love the combination of salty caramel and chocolate, and these would not last 5 minutes in my presence.

  127. Solange

    Great comp

  128. GosiaK

    i just love chocolate

  129. Phil D

    I like to place these on my baldy head, and see how long it takes them to melt. I tell the future this way. Tomorrow it will rain. I love chocolate too.

  130. anne tiernan

    this is mine!!!

  131. Allan

    Would like to win this.

  132. Jane Middleton

    Great giveaway, please enter me.

  133. Ligaya Bolton

    Oh please please enter me..thanks

  134. Cheryl Gannon

    they sound delicious. Good luck everyone

  135. troii

    OMG do i ever!…they look sooo yummy i want them in my tummy…i’ll even find room on the hips for a taste on my lips…mmmm 🙂

  136. nick

    perfect ice-cream sundae topper

  137. Edith Partington

    I dont really like chocolate, but I would make an exception in this case and force them down!!

  138. Alison.T

    Oh wow!!! these look scrummy just right for a relaxing naughty treat after a days graft (although I don’t think I could stop at just one or two).

  139. Michelle Bosomworth

    sounds so nice

  140. Jean

    Those sound delicious!!!

  141. eleni

    they look yum….I’d love to try some 🙂

  142. Stephanie


  143. kirsty

    vanilla anything is pretty much a must have in my house! they sound to die for!

  144. Linda Sinclair

    I can taste that chocolate already! Home James and don’t spare the chocolate!

  145. I keep trying – maybe one day I’ll win some really yummy chocolate!

  146. I keep trying – maybe one day I’ll win some really yummy chocolate!

  147. Paul Marshall

    Please let me win as my chocoholic girlfriend has a craving for chocolate!!!

  148. kim

    yum! these look great

  149. Neil Tungate

    Mmmmmmm, vanilla, caramel and a hint of salt – sounds like Heaven.

  150. Beth

    These look delicious… I love sea-salted caramel chocolate but I haven’t tried it with vanilla yet – my search for the yummiest sea-salted caramel chocolate continues…

  151. sarah oztoprak

    they look yummy xx

  152. michelle

    these look delicious, now i want some.

  153. Corrin

    I would LOVE to win these!

  154. Ceri Morgan

    OMG – GREAT BIG BUTTONS – Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  155. Amanda

    Mmmmm nom nom nom… These look tasty!

  156. linda wiles

    very, very, different

  157. Cathryn Bowen

    tasty, tasty very very tasty

  158. Tara

    I would LOVE to try these…They look like MASSIVE yummier chocolate buttons! Nom nom!

  159. Sheelagh

    DOH!!! Another battle with temptation to be fought and (easily!) lost.

  160. claire sanderson

    They are lovely, fantastic. WOuls love more

  161. Craig dean

    Being a big fan of caramel and chocolate combinations this is one item i cannot wait to get my teeth into.

  162. victoria haynes


  163. Mark Shaw

    Hmmm chocolate.

  164. jenny swann

    Mmmm – they look lovely 🙂

  165. Laura Ward-Jones

    These look amazing!!! Me please!

  166. Val Mathison

    Oh dear. I just drooled on my keyboard…………..

  167. Colin Bowett

    I LOVE CHOCCY! Mine, ALL mine!!!

  168. rae h

    Oh they look lush!!

  169. kay wilkinson

    These chocolates look scrummy. I love getting your Chocablog updates by the way :O)

  170. Ms Jacky Westoby

    Are these what used to be called “Dragees”-and if not, what are dragees, actually? I’ve been trying to get some for my step-dad, he just says they are chocolate discs, but no-one I speak to seems to have a clue about them.

  171. Ruth

    Yum, these look lovely!

  172. Claire Butler

    Id love to win this to treat my boys

  173. Emily Fraser

    These look so good! Would love to win them!! 🙂

  174. Karen

    Giant tiddly winks!! Win them and eat them mmmm

  175. Cara

    These look so so tasty!

  176. Julia Johnson


  177. Yvonne Poole

    If I win them I promise to send half the packet straight back to you so we can share =D

  178. Sarah Whittington

    yummy if I win them sorry but would share other chocolates but not these ones!!

  179. Michelle Williams

    They look so tasty, would love to try them.

  180. Ruth Tesdale

    I have done well and eaten very healthily and lost a lot of weight but now I am ready for a few quality treats and this fits the bill perfectly so please send me some as I deserve some now.

  181. Heather Bellamy

    These sound heavenly, caramel chocolate is my favourite :-).

  182. S Ellis

    These would not last long in my house.

  183. Lisa

    Oh lovely yumm xx

  184. Hazel Lemar

    Yummy yummy yummy I want these in my tummy!

  185. Joanna Kiely

    Yummy!! I think these have my name all over them!!!! x

  186. Maria Knight

    My gosh,……these look delicious

  187. strewthie

    My search for the ultimate chocolates continues!

  188. Caroline

    Oohh i’d love to win these for my boyfriend, he is the chocoholic in this relationship, honest!

  189. Susan Norminton

    I’d love to try these, they look yummy

  190. JoJo

    You should totally give me those chocolates… I would definitely appreciate them!!

  191. Yvonne Crossland

    They look delicious, would love to try some.

  192. Barbara Smith

    Oooh, these look different. I would love to try them 😀

  193. Jacqueline Simpson

    Oooh, these look soooo moreish. Yummy!

  194. Laura

    Yummy!!! Chocoholic needing her fix please!!

  195. siobhan


  196. Vicky

    These look amazing!

  197. Harriotte

    I have it on good authority that these are to die for!!! I want them, I need them, I want them now!!!

  198. Julie sutherland

    Yummy yum yum!! After losing 6 stone, these will be my very first taste of chocolate again! 🙂

  199. kim webster

    I want em !! lol 🙂

  200. Jak

    I wanna win!

  201. Jessica

    yummmm these sound lush!

  202. emma holder

    hi im following you on twitter @emmajane30 thanks for letting me enter the comp x

  203. Jennifer Kelly

    RT on twitter @sweetiepie82, and I so want these choccies, they look sexy!! xx

  204. Lorraine Wilson

    i want to try them

  205. Emily

    they sound gorgeous

  206. Chmaine

    These look delicious, would love to try some

  207. Ike Odoom

    Can’t wait to taste them, my mouth is watering

  208. Judith Luscombe

    They look lovely, please let me win.

  209. Danielle Graves

    They look and sound delicious

  210. Dee

    I haven’t tried these, but they look delicious. Worth suspending the diet for!

  211. Andrea

    When you hold these you could pretend that you are very small and holding a normal sized chocolate button ;o)

  212. brian m

    I would`nt stop eating them till I was choc full!

  213. Andrea

    like to win yum!

  214. rrlihouu

    I would definitely eat the whole packet to myself…

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