Thorntons Bakewell Tart

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It must be Bakewell Tart week in the chocolate world, as both Thorntons and Paul A. Young have released their own takes on the old classic.

I love the fact that Paul and Thornton’s head chocolatier Keith Hurdman have come up with entirely different formats for their interpreations. Where Paul’s creation was a single chocolate filled with ganache and raspberry, this as you can see is a solid chocolate bar.

Obviously, Thorntons are limited by the standard format for their blocks of chocolate, but if anything I think that squeezing all the elements of a dessert into a bar of solid chocolate may be even harder than making filled individual chocolates.

As with all the Thorntons blocks, this one is made with decent chocolate – a 37% Costa Rican milk chocolate, to be precise. I love the fact that Thorntons consistently manage to source great chocolate for their blocks, but in this case it doesn’t actually make much difference. Because this chocolate doesn’t taste of chocolate at all. It taste of 100% pure Bakewell Tart.

Perhaps because the flavours all happen at once, it brings the childhood Bakewell Tart memories flooding back, something I just didn’t quite get with Paul Young’s version. It’s quite amazing a few flavours in a bar of chocolate can come together to capture the essence of something so accurately.

But much as I love the flavour of this bar, there is a bit of a problem with the texture.

Pre-release versions of it I tried some time ago, had tiny biscuit pieces in that gave a subtle crunch and texture to each piece. This retail version has the same biscuit pieces, but it also seems to have raspberry seeds.

The result is a slightly gritty texture that can be a little annoying when you bite into one expecting it to be a soft biscuit piece. There seems to be only a few seeds per chunk, but it would be so much better without them.

I really hope this is just a minor glitch that can be corrected, because I simply adore the flavour. The early version I tried would probably go down as one of my all time favourite flavoured milk chocolates.

This is a limited edition though, so it’s possible that Thorntons have made all they’re ever going to. Personally, I’d love to see them keep it on – just without the hard seeds. Please?


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  1. Clare

    I’ve just tried this and I have to say I love it! I didn’t notice any seeds in it myself but I did find it very sweet, so only had a few chunks. The chocolate itself was really good quality, and I would quite happily eat this on it’s own.
    A shame that this is limited edition, I will stock up before it disappears!

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