Cadbury Bournville Orange

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Cadbury Bournville Orange

I wouldn’t normally consider buying this, but my hunt for ‘every day’ chocolates that we haven’t yet reviewed is becoming increasingly difficult. My latest excursion to Waitrose resulted in this and two other bars… but upon returning home, I discovered Simon had already reviewed them. After three years of eating chocolate for a living, my memory is starting to fade.

I have to admit it was the bright orange wrapper that attracted my attention this time.

The chocolate here is exactly the same as the Bournville Old Jamaica I reviewed last month. At 39% cocoa solids and with added milk fat, it isn’t really dark chocolate at all (and I know many people who would argue it isn’t any kind of chocolate).

Cadbury Bournville Orange

What makes this a little different from most other orange chocolates is that it contains “fruit pieces” – which (according to the ingredients) are mainly sugar with added orange pulp and apple for some inexplicable reason.

I really liked the idea of small chunks of fruit in the bar, but it’s verging on the ridiculous when you buy a dark chocolate with orange only to find that it’s made with milk and apples. Add that to the fact that this ‘Bournville’ bar – named after the village near Birmingham where the Cadbury factory is located – is actually manufactured in France, and it just confirms my opinion that what we have here is one big, orange lie.

Having said all that, it’s still a rather tasty bar. Like the Old Jamaica version, it’s really quite moreish and I’m almost ashamed to admit that I finished off this 180g bar on my own. Those fake orange pieces do actually taste quite orangey, and the fake dark chocolate is overly sweet, but quite edible.

I won’t be buying this again, but that’s primarily because I know I would just stuff my face and then feel bad about it for the next week. If you can live with that, then go buy some.


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  1. Karen

    I loved it. Unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere in mid-wales, hence I’m looking on-line. If it is cost prohibitive due to p+p, I’ll have to do without it as I’d eat a bar every day if I had to buy loads at a time!

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