Thorntons Antioxi-Choc Berry Boost

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Thorntons Antioxi-Choc Berry Boost

Yet another from the (seemingly endless) range of Thornton’s slabs (are they trying to outdo Nestlé’s Japanese KitKat range?) this slab comes with added health benefits in the form of ‘Acticoa‘ – apparently two squares a day is enough to ‘help you feel great’. I’ve tasted Acticoa before when I reviewed Cocoa Farm’s bars, but this slab is slightly different in that it contains wild blueberry and raspberry.

At 63% cocoa it’s definitely dark, and the smell of the fruit hits you as soon as you open the wrapper. A bitter undertone of cocoa quickly softens off as the chocolate melts and the fragments of dried fruit come into play. The sharpness of the cocoa is well balanced by the slightly sweet berries, making for a rather pleasantly fruity affair. The chocolate isn’t too dark and bitter but does pack enough of a cocoa punch to satisfy those who prefer the dark stuff, and the fruit serves to cut the cocoa a little and provide a sweet balance.

Personally, I quite like the taste of berries and chocolate, and the combination of blueberries with raspberries means that neither flavour dominates, so it isn’t just a variation on raspberry chocolate, or a version of blueberry chocolate with added raspberry. The two flavours do work as a combination in their own right.

All things considered, I’d have to say that this is probably one of my favourite dark chocolate slabs from Thornton’s range. Flavour wise it’s less subtle than some of the prize-winning slabs we’ve reviewed, but if you’re a fan of fruity chocolate I’d definitely give this one a try.


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  1. I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate but I heard it does good to your body! What I love about this though is the berry flavor, mmm 😀 definitely complements the slight bitter taste of dark chocolate

  2. It’s funny how different everyone’s tastes can be! I reviewed this on my blog, too, but it was one of my least favourite Thornton’s bars… I found it a little fake-tasting! Even if it did save my heart from the ravages of whatever-whatever 😛

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I have some more Acticoa chocolate somewhere in my stash… Interested to try it now. I’m not convinced it’s not primarily a Callebaut exercise in hype though.

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