Paul Wayne Gregory Christmas Pudding Chocolates

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Last week I was invited along to the official launch of Paul Wayne Gregory’s pop-up shop in Brixton. It’s a tiny shop in the foodie heart of Brixton, and the good news is that it looks like it’s going to be around for at least a year.

Paul has long been one of my favourite British chocolatiers. His talent for balancing flavours and and matching them to the chocolat blend is second to none. That’s why I was particularly intrigued to try his new Christmas Pudding chocolate at the shop.

It’s a large, dome shaped chocolate, and as you can see it’s beautifully finished. It’s almost a shame to bite into it. Almost.

Paul has managed to capture the flavours of a Christmas pudding perfectly. It’s rich, deep and fruity, without being overpowering – you can still taste the chocolate. Best of all, unlike a lot of Christmas-themed chocolates, this one isn’t loaded with booze. There’s just a hint of the Christmas spirit.

I’ve always loved the fruity flavour of Christmas pudding, and for me, this chocolate captures it perfectly. I love it, and could happily eat these all day.

At the time of writing, these aren’t available from Paul Wayne Gregory’s Online Store, but I’m sure they will be soon, and you’ll certainly be able to pick some up at the shop in Brixton.


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  1. Aine

    Yum Skelligs chocolate also do a delicious Christmas pudding truffle 🙂

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