Chocoholly Strawberry & Chilli White Chocolate

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This is one of the bars Holly gave me at the Real Food Festival recently, and it’s been sat in my chocolate stash begging to be eaten, so I thought it was about time I tried it.

The colour is the first thing you’ll notice here. It’s a pale pink with small flecks of red throughout. It looks as though it should taste nice and fruity.


But it just doesn’t have that fruity edge I was hoping for. There’s plenty of real, freeze-dried strawberry in there, but the pieces are very small and the flavour very subtle. So while the white chocolate is certainly not the sweetest I’ve had, it still dominates the overall flavour, and I found myself craving that sharp, citrus edge just to counteract the sweetness.

The heat from the chilli is much more evident than the strawberry though. It’s never overpowering, but it makes itself known loud and clear. I did enjoy it, but I wasn’t convinced it belonged in this particular bar. I would have preferred to have had this is a light and fruity summer chocolate, without the chilli heat.

That said, this bar still disappeared very quickly. It’s very easy to keep breaking chunks off throughout the day as little pick-me-ups without even noticing. It’s certainly not my favourite from Chocoholly’s ever growing range, but… y’know… I still want more.


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