Cocopia 34% Milk Chocolate Mini-Slab

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Another offering from Tesco’s pet Swiss chocolatier, and this time it’s a milk chocolate.

This one is made using Ghanaian Forastero Beans, and they give it a full-bodied, very smooth cocoa flavour. The bitterness level of the beans is relatively low, so they’re much more soothing and gentle on the palate and consequently what you get here is a lovely mouthfeel from the high cocoa content, a sumptuous creaminess, and a lovely smooth finish.

This really is what milk chocolate should ALL be like.

As a long time convert to the Dark Side, I do tend to find most milk chocolate can be disappointing in it’s lack of complexity, but I’m delighted to report that Cocopia have come up with a blend which offers all the flavour you could hope for.

This is the sort of chocolate you’d buy as a treat for the kids and end up making regular trips to Tesco to buy for yourself – it’s THAT delicious. If only all UK manufacturers could offer this quality in their milk chocs, I’d be eating a lot more of the stuff.

For the price (£1.50) I’d have to say that it’s well worth the money. UK readers should make sure they check this one out as soon as they can. Highly recommended.


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  1. Kath (Chocablog Staff)

    I wish we had that variety here. It’s in the middle of winter here in South Australia, it’s a freezing cold Saturday afternoon and some top quality milk chocolate would go down a treat with my hot coffee!

    Dear Tesco/Cocopia – can you please sell this in Adelaide, South Australia? ‘Kthnxby

  2. Unfortunately all Cocopia products have disappeared from our local Tesco – I’m gutted!

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