Bendicks Gorgeous

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Bendicks Gorgeous

More Christmas chocs (still!) here. This time, a little gold carboard pouch with a slightly pretentious name. And while the packaging is cute, what’s inside is a little less impressive.

bendicks Gorgeous

What you see above is the entire contents of the box. Five chocolates… or “an irresistible selection of Gorgeous chocolates”, according to the packaging.

I’m not at all sure who (besides professional chocolate reviewers) would buy a 30g box of 5 small chocolates. There is a bigger (200g) box available too, but the contents are the same – you just get more than one of each chocolate!

The varieties are:

  • Crunchy Toffee
  • Chocolate Latte
  • Chocolate Truffle
  • Hazelnut Praline
  • Dark Truffle

…and while they’re tasty enough, I wouldn’t go so far as to call them ‘Gorgeous’. I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what flavour they were meant to be without looking at the helpful key on the back of the box. They’re all exactly the same size and shape. They’re slightly different shades of brown and white and subtly different textures, but they’re all just too sweet to be moreish.

Aside from a stocking filler at Christmas, I genuinely have no idea who this 5 chocolate box is aimed at. The actual chocolates are Ok (despite being mainly sugar), but I really can’t think of a single reason I’d go out and buy a box of 5 run of the mill chocolates.


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  1. Karen

    maybe they are aimed at gorgeous people?

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    That’s definitely a possibility, yes. 🙂

  3. sykes

    hi. any one out there know if you can still buy bendicks
    ind bars of white chocolate in one box

  4. Rosemary

    Bendicks Superfine especially WALNUT MARZIPAN!!! I miss the varietyin this
    assortment. Every centre these days taste the same.

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