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Last time I reviewed a Kshocolât product, I wasn’t particularly complimentary. The pretentious name and the address on the packaging “Suite 64 Glasgow G51 3TR” were my first warning signals, and the chocolate itself was extremely bland.

This time, I received two bars as a gift from my friend Paola. And while I probably wouldn’t have chosen to buy Kshocolât again, I rarely turn chocolate down when it’s free.

The first thing I noticed about this bar is that the address on the packaging has changed. No longer are Kshocolât stuck in Suite 64 – they’re now at “113 West Regent Street”. I’ve no idea if that’s a step up or down, but it certainly sounds better.

As you can see, the product itself looks quite appealing. 8 large squares of white chocolate, with plenty of flecks of ground pepper. It looks good and has a pleasant, subtle lemon aroma.

And that lemon is the first flavour to come through when you bite into a chunk, too. It tastes natural and fresh, without being overpowering.

Once it starts to melt, the creamy white chocolate flavour comes through. As with most white chocolates, there isn’t much actual chocolateyness here, but again, it’s quite a pleasant taste, and importantly, it’s not too sweet.

Only when the white chocolate has all but disappeared do you get the kick of the pepper. Again, it’s quite subtle, but strong enough to let you know it’s there.

Kshocolât seem to have put a lot more thought into this than the rather haphazard orange slices I reviewed back in October. If I was ever in the mood for white chocolate (which admittedly isn’t that often), I would certainly choose this over something like Cadbury Dream or Milky Bar. It’s simple, subtle and quite refreshing.


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  1. Kath (Chocablog Staff)

    Interesting – seems like a clever way to get chocaphiles into trying white chocolate again.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the lemon and pepper flavour combination available in dark chocolate in Australia. Anyone? Please?

  2. A coworker brought this bar back from Spain for me last year. I thought it was lovely. Kind of musky and perhaps even tasted a little cheesy. But I ate the whole thing.

  3. LEMON & PEPPER…wow!!! I love your blog, there are so many interesting finds!! Awesome flavour…wish I could try this!

  4. I’ve just been day-dreaming about this chocolate and Googled it, finding this review. 🙂

    I love white chocolate anyway and just loved the combination with lemon – it’s not a combination I would have expected to work but it does. I’m not sure the pepper added anything but it didn’t do any hard.

  5. Maggie

    A bit too buttery for me. Although I did like the lemon and pepper tones, I’d rather have them wrapped in good quality dark chocolate.

  6. Bernadette

    Do you know if this is still available in Sydney? Would love to try it! I enjoy white chocolate, I love a bit of heat, and I adore citrus!

    Also agree that a lemon and pepper combination in dark chocolate would be fantastic! Anyone found one yet?

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