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Flake PralineFlake Praline is one of four new(ish) variations on Cadbury Flake – the others being Flake Dark, Flake Dipped and Snowflake.

The wrapper describes this as “Crumbly milk chocolate Flake nestled in a rich hazelnut praline”. I beg to differ.

I would describe it as “Cadbury Flake half dragged through a shallow bath of chocolate that happened to have some bits of non-descript nut in it”. But I guess that wouldn’t have looked quite so appealing on the label.

Flake PralineAs you can see from the photo, once unwrapped, it doesn’t look particularly appealing either, so I maintain my description is more accurate.

Only the bottom half of the Flake is coated in this “praline” mixture, and to be honest, it just looks a mess (I’m still not convinced it’s actually meant to look like this). It certainly doesn’t look like any praline I’ve had before.

Texture wise, this is pretty much like a normal Flake – meaning it crumbled all over my keyboard upon biting into it. The only real difference is the small pieces of nut which give the bar a slightly gritty feel.

The taste is pleasant enough – the overall effect being just like a normal Flake with a hint of nuttiness. But I’m not convinced it’s different enough to make it worthwhile unless you’re an absolute hazelnut nut.

Nice enough, but I prefer the original.


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  1. I like Dipped Flakes. SnowFlake isn’t bad, but Praline is just wrong!



  2. It was hard to get Flake around here for awhile. I even had a friend pick some up in the UK for me. Then I discovered one of the Irish stores carried it, and Violet Crumble and Fry’s Turkish Delight.
    The praline sounds worth trying. Never heard of Dipped or SnowFlake.

  3. Mmmm… I love Praline Flakes! They’re rather messy, but delicious. Best eaten when alone. 🙂

  4. Adan Pretalia


    Quiero decirles que hoy recibi tres barras de chocolate FLAKE y me parecieron de lo mas delicioso. Nunca habia probado algo tan delicioso en chocolate como estos aca en Chihuahua, Mexico. Los trajeros segun me dicen desde Inglaterra y lo agradezco aun mas.

    Adan Pretalia

  5. Emma

    I have been trying to buy the Flakes Praline, can’t find them anywhere. Any tips????

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