Cadbury Freddo

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Guest Chocablogger Terry Scannell takes a look at a little brown frog…

Cadbury FreddoFreddo is a small, solid milk chocolate frog. Inexpensive and obviously aimed at children, these things also seem to be very popular with University students, or at least the ones I know.I’m pretty sure these things are popular in Australia as well, here we only have the Chocolate and Caramel varieties, but over there I’ve heard there are many more.

I don’t see why, because there’s nothing too special about this.It says on the pack it’s Dairy Milk chocolate, and that’s exactly how it tastes, a frog shaped Dairy Milk.

As mentioned earlier, it’s inexpensive and low in calories, so if you need a short and cheap chocolate fix, this could do it for you.

Cadbury Freddo

It has 105 calories, 1.5g Protein, 11.3g Carbohydrates and 5.9g Fat.


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  1. Chocolate frogs, huh? Is this where J.K. Rowling got the idea?

  2. Morgs

    I love Freddo’s!!! I live in Darwin, Australia and it was our show/carnival over the weekend. I bought a Freddo showbag and it had in it a huge variety of Freddo’s. Just in my little bag I got: white choc, milky top (half white/half diary milk), honeycomb, peppermint, caramel, strawberry and rainbow chip. There are tons of Freddo variety’s over here in Oz.

  3. Thank you for that, Morgs! I was sure that Australia had a huge variety of Freddo’s but to be honest…I’m not sure why. Are they just really popular for no apparent reason?

  4. Mary

    I’ve never tasted this one yet. I love Cadbury chocolates so I’ll definitely give this one a try.

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  5. Morgs

    I think Freddos are popular over here because they are cheap (they’re about 50 cents each at the supermarket or about $3.00 for a bage of 12) and small (great for the littlies).

    Freddo’s are also sold as school/sports groups fundraisers, are are hugely successful.

    I’m still plowing through all mine from the show (-:

  6. river

    You don’t have strawberry freddos?? You are SO SO deprived.Once you’ve tasted one, you’ll understand why we like them so much.

  7. Simon

    Freddo was originally made in the early 70s (1973 or thereabouts I think – I have memories of eating waaaay too many when I lived in a sweetshop) and reintroduced a few years ago.
    I have to agree – cheap Dairly Milk and not much else, but the flavoured Aussie ones sound more interesting. Why don;t we have them here I wonder?

  8. Kinsman

    I came to this forum by accident (looking for Harry Potter type chocolate frogs for a freind of mine). Thought you guys might be interested in this UK-based site that has some of the Aussie Freddo flavours. They have cakes and sweeties from around the world and ship globally too.

  9. Lauren

    i live in Adelaide nad i loveee freddos:)

  10. Loz

    Mmm, freddos are fantastic. Especially the Strawberry ones.

    The charity chocolate sales used to do a double freddo who was like a conjoined twin down one side. One freddo was filled with rasberry and the other was lemonade. It was mindblowing – I funded whole scout jamborees single-handedly.

  11. Steve

    in my school, people bring in 2 or 3 quid A DAY solely for freddo, and the oldest person in my school(student) is 20(i’m in secondary school)and he buys them, hell even my 60 year old principal loves the things!!

    cadbury freddo is definitely on my top 10 list of chocolate bars

  12. Taylor

    Peppermint Freddo’s are sooo yummy, nothing origial, but still bloody good.. So are the strawberry ones…

  13. Dom

    In England, they’re a good index of inflation! When I was younger, they were 10 pence. Nowadays, youre likely to hear people in their mid twenties express their shock at the 20p price tag.

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