Lindt Pistache

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Lindt Pistache

Purchased at the same time as the Raspberry Bar (and refrigerated for safekeeping), this was one I was definitely looking forward to sampling, as I do rather enjoy the old pistachio nuts.

Lindt’s Pistachio Bar is made with milk chocolate like the previously reviewed Raspberry and Cherry bars, and has the same physical characteristics. A flat base with ‘blisters’ of chocolate concealing whatever filling happens to be contained within. In this case what was contained within was a single whole roasted pistachio nut in a fondant cream.

Lindt Pistache

The milk chocolate has been covered in previous reviews, so I won’t go into too much detail about it. It’s creamy, milky, with good cocoa flavours and it isn’t overly sweet. In short it’s the sort of high quality product you’d associate with the Lindt name.

No, what concerns us (or rather, what concerned me) was the filling. The fact I like pistachios made this bar an odds-on favourite for a good review anyway, but the fondant cream that surrounded the nut sealed the deal for me.

The nuts are perfectly preserved – still crisp and full of flavour – and the fondant cream is amazingly smooth and melts away like a spring mist, filling your mouth with a creamy, slightly sweet nutty flavour which combines beautifully with the milk chocolate. My personal preference is to save the nut for last, letting the sweet stuff melt away before attacking the pistachio on its own. As previously mentioned, the nuts are always crisp and fresh tasting, as one would expect from a premium brand.

Of course being milk chocolate and having this fondant filling means that Lindt Pistachio does tend to be on the slightly sweet side, but that’s hardly cause for concern. This is a great addition to the already massive Lindt range, and well worth seeking out.


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  1. Hannah

    A personal favourite but very very difficult to track down

  2. Kazzandra

    I happen to try this earlier and I can say it’s pretty enjoyable with a cup of hot coffee. The sweetness is very light. The creaminess of the pistachio ganache and the whole pistachio nut were very interesting yet not powering over the chocolate. I searched the net forother people that might agree with me on this. Nice review, by the way!

  3. Rachel

    Although I’ve sampled most of the Lindt bars, the Pistachio flavour = one I still haven’t tried. I mustn’t let it feel “left out” for too much longer…

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