Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint / Orange Chips

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These two bars are the latest additions to the ever expanding Cadbury Dairy Milk range.

Both bars consist of standard Dairy Milk chocolate embedded with crunchy flakes of flavoured candy.
The first thing you notice about these bars is that the shape of the chunks is slightly different to other bars.

They’re squarer and less pronounced than the Dairy Milk with Creme Egg variety. I doubt this affects the taste, but it does make it more difficult to break the chunks off, making them more of a “bite it” than a “break it” eating experience.

Both bars taste pretty much how you’d expect. The orange variety tastes of Chocolate Orange and the mint variety tastes just like any other mint flavoured chocolate.

After several minutes of experimentation, I found the best way to eat these is to bite off a chunk and let it slowly melt in your mouth. If you chew, they have a slightly gritty texture, but allowing it to melt away releases the flavour slowly. Mmmm.

For Dairy Milk addicts, these are a great little addition to the range, giving you the full Cadbury experience with a twist.

Personally, I still prefer the Caramel and Creme Egg varieties, but I can certainly see myself buying these again.


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