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Seed & Bean are a UK company producing ethical and organic chocolate bars. They sent us their entire range (expect more reviews soon!), but this caught my eye as I’ve never reviewed a chocolate bar with poppy seeds.

Simon recently tried James’ Chocolates version of this bar, which suggests that more than one person thinks lemon, poppy seeds and white chocolate go together well. I’ll be the judge of that.

As you can see, the white chocolate is heavily dotted with poppy seeds. You might think that one reason for using them with white chocolate is simply that they look good.

Unfortunately, they don’t add much else to this bar. They have little, if any flavour, and while they do add a bit of texture to the chocolate, it’s more annoying than pleasant. I’m still picking poppy seeds out of my teeth.

The lemon flavour is very nice though. It’s fresh, but never overpowering, and just helps to cut through the sweetness of the white chocolate a little bit. The result is a half decent white chocolate that isn’t sickly sweet, but is actually quite moreish.

Personally, I could do without the poppy seeds. Or maybe have them replaced with black pepper for a similar visual effect and a little bit of heat. Otherwise, this is quite an enjoyable little bar that disappears all to quickly.


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  1. Ana

    I quite enjoy poppy seed pretzels, poppy seed rolls or cakes. I’m not sure about combining poppy seed with chocolate and lemon (even though it gets combined with cocoa in the case of some rolls and cakes). But I still think I’d give this mix a try.

  2. Vosges also did a white chocolate-lemon bar that was quite nice. Take the edge of the super-sweet white chocolate a bit.

  3. honestly i have not tasted with chocolate bar with poppy seeds but i will be sure to try it out..thanks, this is totally new to me.

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