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Ask any British child of the 70s to name their favourite childhood chocolate bars and you can pretty much guarantee Curly Wurly will be right up there. Back in the day, there was nothing cooler than to be seen walking down the street munching on a giant bar of Cadbury goodness.

Curly WurlyUnfortunately, in recent years Curly Wurly seems to have suffered the same fate as Creme Egg. It’s shrunk considerably. And I’m quite sure it’s not just that I’ve got bigger.

But what is Curly Wurly? Well, it’s very, very simple. It’s a long, flat lattice of caramel covered in milk chocolate. Kind of a squashed double helix. In fact, if God had experimented with making DNA out of chocolate and caramel then accidentally sat on it, we’d probably have ended up with Curly Wurly a few hundred million years earlier.

The caramel is thick – almost toffee like – and very, very chewy. It gets softer as it warms in your mouth, but you’re pretty much guaranteed it’ll get stuck in your teeth. Which is part of what makes it so good.

Curly WurlyThe chocolate is typical Cadbury milk chocolate and works perfectly with the caramel. It melts away before the caramel, giving you two distinct flavour ‘hits’.

But what really makes Curly Wurly special is the shape. There’s nothing else quite like it. Even in it’s modern, shrunken form (it’s only 26 grams), it’s just about the longest chocolate bar you’ll find in the shops.

Curly Wurly is delicious, incredibly chewy, and more importantly, it’s iconic. There’s nothing else quite like it. It’s just a shame it’s not quite as big as it used to be.

But if you’re really desperate for a bigger Curly Wurly, you could try making your own 1 meter long version


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  1. Getting Bigger

    Mmm… Haven’t had one of those for a while. Haven’t seen them anywhere, actually.


    I am writing to you to complain about the curly wurly chocolates, since about 6 months they have changed the wrapper and the whole chocolate bar.
    We used to buy at least a dozen or more in a week to keep in the fridge but since the new wrapper is on it the whole bar has changed and is not nice anymore, it tastes like the chocolate on the outside has changed.
    Why would you ruin such a fantastic chocolate bar by changing it, we will no longer buy it anymore until it is the same as before.
    Can you please tell us why it has changed and what have you done to change the chocolate.
    Hoping for a reply

    Tina Davis
    Gold Coast Queensland Australia

  3. This is the best friken chocolate i have ever friken tasted!!!!!!
    the sites alright i guess, but the chocolate is theBEST:D

  4. Maureen

    if you want to buy these in bulk they have a great price of 60 bars in a box for only $30 at I hope mine arrive this afternoon!

  5. the chocolate monster

    chocolate chocolate chocolate…
    I just want you other readers to know,,

  6. Richie

    I am the curly wurly master, I live one mile from the Bournville factory, on a nice summer day with the wind in the right direction I can smell the choccy cooking, even worse was schooling, Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School is a quarter of a mile from the factory, and then I had to go through the Birdcage Walk right through the plant on my way home.

    Curly Wurlys if god existed he would have been making them on the seventh day.

  7. Wow, I haven’t had, seen or thought about these for decades. What fond memories of chocalaty goodness it brings.

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