Paul A. Young Blackcurrant & Salted Caramels

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Another new addition to the ever-changing Paul A. Young range are these rather beautiful looking blackcurrant and sea-salted caramels.

With so many new products coming from Paul’s shiny new Wardour Street kitchen, it’s difficult to keep up with what’s new at the moment. In fact, last time I visited, there were three new chocolates since my previous visit, a mere four days earlier.

This particular offering is quite simple. Distinct layers of blackcurrant reduction and sea-salted caramel, covered in dark chocolate.

I’ve always loved Paul’s sea-salted caramels. The whole salted caramel thing isn’t quite as fashionable as it was a few years ago, but this is still one of my favourites. It has a real depth of flavour to it, but it’s never too sweet or too salty.

The blackcurrant layer is fruity, tangy and sharp. It has a real zing to it that works perfectly with the dark chocolate. Yet I’m not completely convinced it works with the caramel. The flavours are very different, and for me they just don’t quite work together. I find myself wanting individual, separate salted caramels and blackcurrant chocolates.

I think this is probably a subjective thing, and some people will love the combination, but they’re not really for me. Luckily I know I’ll just have to wait ten minutes and there’ll likely be another 5 additions to the Paul A. Young range for me to try. And try them I will.


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  1. Another step closer to the resurrection of Cadbury’s blackcurrant eclairs, yay! I bet I’d love these since I love salty caramels. Are you listening, Santa?

  2. manuela

    I love most of Pauls stuff but I think the salted caramel thing has now run its course.

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