Mood Foods OmBar Probiotic Range

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Here we have another three Mood Foods OmBars, only this time they come with a little something extra, namely probiotic bacteria (the same stuff in those yoghurt drinks they sell in supermarkets and health food stores).

As you can see, one of the bars is just plain raw chocolate with a much higher cocoa content than the ‘normal’ 60% in an Ombar. With a fairly hefty 72% I was looking forward to seeing how much of a difference that extra cocoa was going to make, and I have to say it does add quite a lot to the taste. It’s obviously a much darker, more intense cocoa flavour, but it also retains the characteristics of the other raw chocolate bars. It’s quick to melt, has a great mouthfeel, and leaves the palate clean and invigorated. With that much more cocoa you’re getting a lot of the darker, slightly more bitter flavours. It’s not as sweet for obvious reasons but still maintains a good balance between bitter cocoa and soft, light coconut sugar. Thoroughly enjoyable.

The Strawberry bar was always going to be of special interest to me. Infused with freeze dried strawberry powder and definitely containing no artificial anything, I hoped this bar would deliver natural tasting strawberry flavours in harmony with the chocolate, and that’s just what it did. Subtle fruit flavours build in the mouth as the chocolate melts, giving a lovely overall flavour of summer fruit, dark cocoa and soft sugars. Once again, very enjoyable.

The final offering – the coconut bar – had my interest the moment I saw it. Blending a raw chocolate that uses coconut sugar with yet more coconut was always going to be interesting (by the way, the coconut sugar doesn’t really taste of coconut), but the moment my first taste started to melt, I found myself smiling. A lot. The coconut cream is an inspired choice both in terms of texture and flavour. Those who were lucky enough to be offered a taste agreed wholeheartedly. A definite winner.

So, overall I would have to say that Mood Foods have done a pretty fine job of rebranding and redesigning their chocolate bars, and to steal one of Dom’s favourite phrases, that Coconut Bar is definitely the most Nom of the Oms. If you’re a fan of the raw chocolate then look out for these in your health food emporia.


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