Duchy Originals Orange Thins

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Duchy Originals Orange Thins

It’s a little known fact that Prince Charles spends most of his free time making chocolate. And the reason it’s little known is primarily because it’s completely untrue.

But these chocs are from the Prince’s Duchy Orignals line, and that’s something I find a little odd. I always thought “the company” produced organic foods grown in Cornwall. And I’m not convinced that Charlie Boy grows either oranges or cocao in the Duchy of Cornwall.

But I digress.

I bought these chocs at the same time as the Kshocolât Orange Slices I reviewed a few days ago, with the intention of comparing two upmarket orangey chocolates. Having not heard rave reviews about other Duchy products, I fully expected the Kshocolât to come out on top.

Duchy Originals Orange Thins

Well, I was wrong. Despite being incredibly simple (large discs of milk chocolate, flavoured with orange oil), these are really rather good!

They somehow manage to be both creamy and tangy without being sickly. The organic, 20% milk chocolate isn’t very strong, but it’s obviously high quality. And the flavour and aroma of real oranges really comes through.

It’s also worth noting I paid £6 (about $12.30) for this 200g box, which makes them less than half the price of Kshocolat’s offering.

There’s nothing amazing about these chocs, but they’re good quality, tasty and pretty good value too. Recommended – especially as a gift for a Terry’s Chocolate Orange lover who’s trying to move up in the world.


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  1. Hmmm, I’m not yet convinced that Chuck’s ‘duchy farm’ produces oranges – let alone orange oil – for this product and he (or his gardening staff) must be incredibly clever for also managing to successfully cultivate the cacao bean in UK temperatures!

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