Sunshine & Butterflies Handmade Chocolate Selection

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I always love hearing about new chocolatiers, so when Sunshine & Butterflies got in touch and asked if we’d like review samples, I wasn’t going to refuse.

Sunshine & Butterflies are based in London, but sell their chocolates exclusively online. Owner & Chocolatier Martin Hopper sent me a selection of six chocolates from their House Collection to try.

As you can see from the box, the chocolates are simply presented. The handmade feel continues to the chocolates themselves, which while not perhaps the most elegant or sophisticated looking, are at least distinctive.

One that particularly ands out is this ‘Bumbleberry’. Made with a mixture of in-season fruits (presumably meaning it changes through the year), it’s a simple white chocolate ganache with three large pieces of freeze-dried fruit on top. The white chocolate is a little too sweet for me, but those tangy fruit pieces help to cut through the sweetness.

On the darker side, we have the Dark Truffle, which is a simple 53% dark chocolate ganache & shell, decorated with nibs. Again, very simple, but the ganache is smooth and fresh, making this a very enjoyable chocolate.

The Pistachio & Orange was a bit different. A dark chocolate ganache infused with orange oil in a white chocolate shell, decorated with flaked pistachios. I liked the subtle flavours here, but like most things in life, I think this could have benefited from a few more pistachios.

Everything is better with pistachios.

The other chocolates in my little box (vanilla milk chocolate truffle, honey hazelnut & caramel pecan) were of the same high quality. A little rough around the edges in terms of looks, but the use of well chosen, fresh ingredients makes the difference here.

The flavours are all quite simple, but they just work. If you’re giving a pretty little box of chocolates as a gift, you want to know that every chocolate is going to be enjoyed, rather challenging flavours. At £5.99 for a box of six, they’re not the cheapest chocolates in the world, but I do think they represent good value.


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