Thorntons Venezuela

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Thorntons Venezuela

Here we have yet another prize winning block from Thorntons. This Venezuelan cocoa slab earned a Bronze award from the AOC this year. It’s made from Criollo beans, which are used in less than 5% of the world’s chocolate (according to the wrapper). The flavours are typical of Venezuelan Porcelana Criollo – very mild and creamy with a buttery element. The cocoa flavour isn’t overly powerful but still delivers on flavour. Good mouthfeel and a clean finish make this yet another top notch milk chocolate.

I found this to be less sweet than the Tonka bean block I reviewed recently, but it also lacks the more complex flavours and underlying spice notes of it’s Sliver Medal winning brother. I was pleased to see that Thornton’s are keeping those cocoa percentages good and high, meaning that the customer is getting the chance to really taste the essential elements of the product.

The way Thornton’s are going, we’ll soon be spoiled for choice when it comes to good quality milk chocolate. Both this and the Tonka Bean are excellent examples of hat can be achieved without pushing the price of the product out of the reach of the average consumer. Why anyone would ever want to buy a bar of CDM with this sort of chocolate around is beyond me.

If you haven’t raided your local Thornton’s yet and you’re partial to some good quality milk chocolate, I’d make a point of visiting them soon. Your only problem is probably going to be which three to choose for the money.


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