Green & Black’s Dark 70% Easter Egg

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Green & Black’s Easter Egg

I have to admit to being a little surprised that Green & Black’s make Easter Eggs at all. It just seems a little frivolous for what is normally such a serious chocolate brand. Something tells me they wouldn’t have done this in their pre-Cadbury days.

We’ve already reviewed this chocolate in bar form and given it a positive review, but sometimes the shape of chocolate can affect the case so I was curious to see if this was any different.

Green & Black’s Easter Egg

As you can see, the packaging is decidedly average for a good quality chocolate egg. A cheap card box with a cheaper plastic insert and some gold foil. Not the best start.

My biggest disappointment was reserved for the contents of this egg though. It’s 100% organic air! No artificial flavours or colours. No… well, anything.

Green & Black’s Easter Egg

With the Green & Black’s range expanding rapidly, you’d have thought they could fill their eggs with something interesting. At just £2.39, I wasn’t expecting much, but something would have been nice.

The actual chocolate is just as tasty as it is in bar form. If anything, I think I prefer it slightly. Because it’s a little thinner than the bars, it melts in the mouth a little more quickly. It’s smooth, tasty and quite sweet for a dark chocolate.

But looking at what’s left of my egg, my overwhelming feeling is one of disappointment. Green & Black could have done something spectacular with their eggs, but instead they’ve apparently just chosen to make them as cheaply as they could.

Easter eggs should be fun. At the very least they should make you smile, rather than stare blankly at them and say “Oh. Is that it?”. I have so many childhood memories of incredibly disappointing Easter eggs, and I think I’d be getting that feeling again if I received this. So I can’t really recommend it. If you like Green & Black’s, you’d be better off buying a couple of bars instead.


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  1. So for £2.39 you get the Green & Black’s 70% bar repackaged into an egg, with additional cardboard and gold foil? Pretty pathetic really. Have you seen the G&B eggs they have too? I saw them yesterday in Asda in their little boxes for about the same price, looked like an absolute rip-off.

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I should have said actually. The egg weighs 110g. A bar of G&B’s 70% is 100g and costs £1.68 at Tesco.

    So basically, you’re paying a 30% premium for having it egg-shaped. I would imagine part of that is down to the packaging and part of it is down to the extra cost of transporting a significantly bigger box.

    So yeah, it’s a rip off, but I doubt Cadbury are making a vast amount more on these than the bars.

  3. yummy! love’s good to discover the chocolates you’ve got there.

  4. Crikey, it makes you wonder why they bothered. Just get the normal block and say it’s a flat-pack egg from IKEA.

  5. river

    Flat pack egg!! I love it!

  6. Hi There,

    I find it interesting that you noted that it tastes quite sweet for dark chocolate. I Can’t help but think that the Cadbury effect has crept into the ingredients as well by including more sugar.

    It would be interesting to see a Pre-Cadbury’s wrapper Vs a Post-Cadbury’s wrapper to see if sugar might have moved up the pecking order somewhat…

    Dan’s blog on chocolates

  7. Madeleine Prentice

    I ordered the Easter egg selection for my daughter for Easter and last week I received a complimentary bar for myself. Thank you so much – it was a lovely surprise.
    My daughter loved her selection as well!

    Thank you.
    Madeleine Prentice.

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