Nature’s Harvest Chocolate Cranberries

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Nature’s Harvest Chcolate Cranberries

Another offering from Holland & Barrett’s range of ‘good things covered in chocolate’, and this time it’s cranberries.

The chocolate coating is identical to that used on the Goji/Wolf berries I reviewed at the back end of last year – 55% cocoa, shiny on the outside, slightly sweet and pretty tasty. It melts away from the cranberries fairly quickly, and mingles nicely with their slightly bittersweet flavour.

Nature’s Harvest Chcolate Cranberries

I suppose in some ways this whole nutritious fruit/naughty chocolate thing is similar to Kath’s comment on her chocolate bunny review. Of course, the goodness of the cranberries doesn’t cancel out the naughty chocolate, but the berries are good for you in a number of ways and will provide a slower energy release than just a mouthful of chocolate might. I was expecting the cranberries to offer less than they do in the taste department but they are actually quite sweet once chewed or a little while.

I’ve always enjoyed dried fruit, and tend to carry some with me when I’m travelling or working late, as it’s a great pick me up. Chocolate coated fruit is (of course) an alternative way of getting that energy with the added bonus of a good dollop of chocolate into the bargain.

If you like your fruit (I’m assuming that readers of this blog like their chocolate) then it’s worth checking your local Holland & Barrett for some of these. My own personal preference is for the slightly sweeter (and much chewier) Goji berries (despite the fact that they’re erroneously labelled as ‘Tibetan’) but I’d definitely buy these again just for the variety.


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  1. Looks good to me. 55% is a bit low for my tastes but probably adds a needed sweetness to the cranberries.

    The Peanut Butter Boy

  2. Looks like a much more fun way to imbibe cranberries for their cystitis-healing purposes than by the god-awful packets of tea currently on offer at my health food shop.

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