Lauden Valentines Chocolates

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Lauden Valentines Chocolates

At this time of year, the chocolate rush never ends. No sooner is Christmas out of the way than Valentine’s Day is upon is. These are the first Valentine’s chocolates we’ve been sent this year, and I’m very pleased to say they’re from one of my favourite chocolatiers, Lauden.

In case you don’t know them, Lauden is run by husband and wife team Stephen and Sun Trigg. They based in Leeds, and they’re best known for their fresh, tangy flavours and beautifully transfer-decorated chocolates.

Lauden Valentines Chocolates

This year, Lauden have two special Valentine’s flavours to choose from; Strawberries & Cream (left) and Heather Honey. Both chocolates come in heart-shaped milk chocolate shells.

The heart-shapes mean that these chocolates don’t come in the usual hard plastic cases, but slightly less appealing card boxes. For a few brief seconds, I was a little disappointed, but then I remembered I had Lauden chocolates and I knew they would be awesome!

And of course, they are. The Strawberries & Cream is really just about the strawberries. And it’s the zingiest, tangiest, loudest natural strawberry flavour I’ve ever had. The ganache is made with white chocolate and there’s a hint of a creamy note there, but this is really about the strawberry. I love it.

Lauden Valentines Chocolates

The Heather Honey chocolate is a little more unusual. Like the strawberry, it’s a robust flavour, but pinning down actual flavour notes is much more difficult. It’s flowery, peppery, and really quite delicious.

I love these chocolates, just as I love most things that Lauden makes. I love how they manage to take fresh, natural flavours and make them so intense and delicious that the flavour stays with you long after the chocolate has gone. They’d make a great gift for any fine chocolate lover.


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  1. I love Lauden’s chocolates – their fillings have an intensity very hard to find elsewhere. At the time of posting, it’s worth pointing out these are not yet available from Lauden’s webshop. Here’s hoping they appear soon…

  2. Thanks Dom & Paul. Chocolates will be available online this weekend……..

  3. Fraser Stride

    I’ve never experienced strawberry like this. Absolutely out this world!

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