Roar Signature 81%

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Roar Signature 81%

I found this bar in a shop selling Native American arts and crafts, making it yet another in a long list of unusual discoveries. It turns out to have been made in Brighton by someone calling himself The Chocolate Saucerer (a deliberate typo?). It’s made with fairly traded ingredients and contains 81% raw cocoa mass, which makes it possibly the highest cocoa content raw bar I’ve tried.

Roar Signature 81%

As you can see from the photo the bar is beautifully moulded, but also very hard to break evenly. I just chose to take this as a sign that the bar was all meant for me.

It has the classic mouthfeel of raw chocolate – very quick to melt, with a light sweetness which sits well with the cocoa flavours. At 81% I expected it to pack a serious cocoa punch, and that’s what it did, but in a raw chocolate kind of way. There’s an underlying bittersweet cocoa flavour which builds as the chocolate melts, but unlike traditional high-cocoa chocolate there’s never a sense of ‘too much’. As we’ve often discussed here, once chocolate reaches the high seventies or eighties in terms of cocoa content, it can often lose out on flavour due to the intensity of the cocoa, but I’m happy to report that Roar’s chocolate delivers without any cloying feeling, and like all good raw chocolate, it leaves the mouth feeling clean and ready for more.

I’m happy to see another raw chocolate maker doing such a good job, and very happy to see that we have yet another British company producing top notch products. If you like raw chocolate, try Roar chocolate!


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