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What to say… what to say…

When Nestlé’s PR send you a box of 36 Milkybars, it’s only polite to say something.

Apparently, these are new, improved “adult” Milkybars, with added raisin and biscuit – and that makes them suitable for grown-ups. I can only think that Nestlé are short of ideas, because this is exactly what they did to Yorkie Bars a couple of years ago, and I can tell you now the bar I ate didn’t make me grow up at all.

The ingredients helpfully explain that the milk comes from whole cows (maybe I’m reading that wrong…), the cocoa butter comes from cocoa beans (shocking!) and the added vegetable fat comes from “tropical plants”. Yes, that means palm oil.

Ethical issues aside, I suppose I should mention the taste at some point. It’s ultra sweet and bland, like any Milkybar. But the addition of raisins and biscuit pieces does actually help. The raisins don’t taste of much, but the do cut through the sweetness slightly, and the added texture does make the bar more palatable.

It’s not really offensive, but it’s cheap confectionery. Any amount of added fruit and biscuit aren’t going to change the fact that it’s really aimed squarely at kids.

I was going to leave my review at that, but upon trying another chunk, I encountered a hard, inedible stalk (presumably attached to a raisin) that I could only spit out. I don’t know what that says about Nestlé quality control, but if I’d actually paid for this bar, I’d probably have taken it back to the shop and asked for a refund.

So there you have it. It’s sweet, contains nasty, environment destroying palm oil, and in the case of the bar I tried, was partially inedible. But aside from that, it’s just lovely.


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  1. Emma

    Told you!! Dentists across the land are clapping their hands in glee and poring over Porsche brochures as their profits rise. Diabetic centres at hospitals are quivering at the thought of the country’s pancreas going into meltdown!

    Everything that is bad about cheap ‘chocolate’ in one tiny bar… 🙂

  2. Love your review! 🙂 So eloquent! 🙂

  3. simon

    ‘Tropical plants’ – that tells you where Nestlé are coming from doesn’t it? Evil, evil company.

  4. Dave

    You miss the point – the “whole cows” bit is to fulfil the corporate education policy. Kids think that milk comes from a carton/bottle etc. in the supermarket. Sod the quality of the product – we must maintain corporate whatever. (and BTW – presumably whole cows includes hooves if your stalk experience is anything to go by)

  5. Adriano

    This must be some disgusting piece of sugar in a rectangular shape.Makes me disturbed by just looking at it.Nestle should hide this bar not send you to review it,it’s like voluntarily putting a rope round their necks by themselves.From a palm tree preferably.

  6. Ashleigh

    One wonders why they sent it to you, surely by now (if they read anything here) they’d know that Palm Oil, yak fat and sugar won’t go down very well.

  7. Some of those look nasty, very informative blog!


  8. Imogen

    I really not happy with paying 69p but other than that I love it


  10. Trish

    Seems like the posters and author here are “anti” anything.

    I just picked up some of these on my visit to the UK and love them.

    Yes, they are sweet but they are supposed to be!

    And I found the raisins and biscuit added.

    If you start complaining about Palm Oil … eat in moderation!

    Lets add to every shirt you buy that was made in a sweatshop. Everyone always has something to complain about.

  11. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    There are very, very good reasons to be anti palm oil.

    Your comment implies you’re OK with your clothes being made in sweat shops? I would say the majority of the population aren’t OK with that.

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