Chocoholly Salted Caramels

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Chocoholly Salted Caramels

Holly Caulfied – aka Chocoholly – is one of my favourite British chocolatiers. Not only is she an all-round lovely person to know, but her artistic talents make her chocolates some of the most creative and attractive chocolates around.

The range of chocolates Holly produces never ceases to amaze me, but I was still a little surprised to find these unassuming little salted caramel hearts on her stand at the Real Food Festival.

Chocoholly Salted Caramels

The caramel has a similar consistency and flavour to Paul A. Young’s sea salted caramels, but Holly uses Himalayan salt rather than sea salt. I’m sure purists would insist on sea salt or fleur de sel, but I’m not sure I would could tell the difference in a caramel. I would say that the salt here isn’t quite as noticeable as in Paul Young’s caramel, so maybe it could have done with a touch more.

Holly uses a 73% dark chocolate for these, which is a higher cocoa solids percentage than either Paul or William Curley use in their caramels. I’m sure both have good reasons for choosing the particular chocolates they went with, but the chocolate here somehow seems just write. It’s neither too rich or too sweet, and the cocoa flavours and the caramel all come through nicely.

If I was forced to choose between these or Paul Young’s salted caramels, I’d probably go with Pauls. But I’d certainly never turn down a box of these.

Holly tells me she’s in the process of getting her chocolates into more stores, as well as having other exciting plans that I can’t talk about yet. In the mean time, you can pick up a box of these on her web site. I don’t think you’ll regret it.


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